March 6

Dallas Moore and his Amazing Old School Country Sound

Keeping the traditional country music alive is one of the goals of being a country singer. Further, this type of music is always being praised mainly by the fans of pure country. Anyhow, keeping the traditional country music alive is tough because of the continuing change in the target market of some record producers. But a huge portion of the audience still go back to their roots and praise these traditional country singers. One of the best old-school country singers is Dallas Moore who has been in the spotlight for quite some time already. His aim is to keep the old way of producing good music and if you love the old school genre then better listen to his hits.

dallas moore, traditional music, country
Photo Credits: Dallas Moore/Official Facebook Home Page

Keeping the Traditional Music with Dallas Moore

This man has loved music ever since he was a child and it’s safe to say that his mother has greatly influenced Dallas Moore. He grew up seeing her mother as a bluegrass and gospel performer. Maybe she is one of his inspirations in pursuing a singing career. In his childhood days, Moore enrolled in the Northern Kentucky University to study jazz and classical guitar. But it seems that his true calling is to be a performer like his mother. Furthermore, he often plays at a local bar and with his gruff vocals, he mastered singing about hard luck and harder living. Moreover, this type of genre is a breath of fresh air because not all singers can pull off this type of niche.

dallas moore, traditional country, music
Photo Credits: Dallas Moore/Official Facebook Home Page

He is Unstoppable

When Dallas Moore made his debut in 1991, some of his critics already knew that he will be unstoppable. In line with this, back in 2017, Moore played 327 shows knowing that we only have 365 days in a year. This man really works hard to achieve his ultimate dream. Who knows? Maybe the next time we see him, he will be on the billboard magazines.


Dallas Moore

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