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April 25, 2020


April 25, 2020


April 25, 2020

We all have our own ways to keep us focused when studying. Whether we have a paper to write, a project to plan, or something to learn. Sometimes we take a look at essay examples free online just to get that inspiration to start studying. 

Some like to keep their minds busy and are excellent at multitasking when writing. They plan the best study playlist for the day before they get down to work. Others, on the other hand, like to keep it simple and study in silence. 

But, what if we told you that creating study playlists is a lot more important than you realize? That’s right; there is more to music than it meets the eye, particularly country music. And here, we will show you why. 


Why Do You Need a Country Music Study Playlists?

Sometimes we all need a little push in the right direction, even when studying. You can browse for a free essay sample for inspiration, but music can definitely give you that boost you are looking for. According to the Foundation Education, any music, including country music, has the power to:

-Lift your spirit
-Boost memory
-Soothe pre-exam anxiety
-Calm the nerves

Not only that, but it can also boost your brainpower, studies show. All the assignments, exams, and projects you will have to do will take a toll. Essay writing can be a really daunting task, especially with time limits. If you have trouble focusing on writing your paper, you can check our free student’s essays online at Samplius. If you are looking for some free essay samples that will resonate with your topic, you may find our content useful. Particularly when drafting up your own college essay sample.

How to Create the Perfect Country Music Playlists for Studying?

No matter what you have to study, it’s a good idea to have some music playing in the background. Music will soothe the impact of the intense studying sessions and help you relax. Sometimes that will be all you need. 


If you love country music, but you don’t want to listen to some distracting songs, we’ve decided to share our pics for the best playlists for studying. They are some of the most calming options out there. Here is one of the best study playlist songs you might want to add to your list.  

1. Georgia On My Mind by Willie Nelson

If you want to incorporate a mix of blues and a country vibe, this song may be the perfect one to include in your study playlists. It’s an uplifting song with a slow rhythm that can help you keep your focus when studying. 

2. Wayfaring Stranger by Johnny Cash

Many artists have performed this masterpiece, like Ed Sheeran, for example. But if you want a tune for studying, this version may be the ideal one. Firstly, it’s not as upbeat as some of the other versions. Therefore, it can help you concentrate on your work. 

3. Sinners Like Me by Eric Church

Some songs have a much deeper meaning; this one is the prime example of a slow melody ideal for writing an assignment. Not only is it a relatable piece, but it’s also uplifting to help you keep writing. While it may feel like it’s putting you in a sad mood, if you focus more on the melody, rather than the text, you can get back to writing in no-time.

Final Thoughts

Country music can indeed make you feel studious. As you can see, songs don’t always have to be distracting. Instead, they can keep you energized and focused on getting all the work done. If you match the tempo with your mood and workflow, you will always create that perfect synergy. To come up with the best study playlist, however, we suggest you experiment. Maybe you can find our country music list handy as a reference – the choice is yours. 


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