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Conway Twitty Legacy: Like Grandfather, Like Grandson


Conway Twitty Legacy: Like Grandfather, Like Grandson 1
Tre Twitty (image from rocketlaunchentertainment.com)

Conway Twitty’s voice can be heard live again through his grandson Tre Twitty. Anyone who has watched the young gentleman sing will agree that he inherited the vocal power of his legendary grandfather. Tre’s rendition of “Hello Darlin’” on November 11, 2017, created a nostalgic atmosphere at the Texas Opry Theater.

Tre grew up to be a talented singer and made a habit of performing his grandfather’s songs every now and them. Conway will forever be the “real thing”  in the country music industry. And there is no greater promoter for the life and legacy of the “High Priest of Country Music.”

Music never dies in their blood

The young Twitty developed his musical skills in Mississippi. He grew up with the household diet of Conway, Elvis, Tom Jones and other icons during the 80’s. He also embraced some rock bands like Guns and Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kiss. Now, if all these musical influences are mixed together, that makes the definition of Tre Twitty, who’ve got all his bases well covered.

Tre was 16 when Conway tragically passed away. Tre expressed:

“I feel like my grandfather is one of the greatest singers who ever lived. Regardless of genre, his vocal control and dynamics are unmatched. His career is like no other in country music in terms of scope and influence. His early rock n roll work influenced everyone from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones to Motörhead. And his country influence is obvious. His connection to an audience was subtle and honest. He needed nothing other than a microphone and a smile to captivate a crowd.’’

Conway Twitty Legacy: Like Grandfather, Like Grandson 2
Tre Twitty (image from taylalynn.com)

Tre joined the Air Force after completing high school. He was assigned to Europe, Asia, and Africa as well as places in the US. However, his music inclination never died in his blood. When he completed his military service, he returned to being a civilian and performed on Conway Twitty’s tribute show entitled “Memories of Conway.” That was the first time he sang in front of a crowd. From then on, he joined his father in organizing tribute shows for Conway all over the US.

In the particular video below, Tre performed “Hello Darlin’” and fans went wild, cheering and applauding.  They’re loving every second of it.

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