June 10

Check Out This Absolutely Wild Scene In The Busy Oklahoma City Highway With One Cow Going Rogue

It absolutely wasn’t your usual morning on the busy Oklahoma City highway. Last Monday (June 6), a herd of cattle got loose, and one cow started running down Interstate 40 near Pennsylvania Avenue as cars zoomed past the opposite sides of the road – just a few feet away.

Luckily, two cowboys riding a horse plunge into action!

The Action-Packed Pursuit On A Busy Oklahoma Highway

A KOCO Sky 5 chopper happened to be on the scene and captured the nerve-wracking moment on a camera. They shared in a two-minute-long clip the thrilling pursuit to the moment the two cowboys wrangled up the roaming cow.

Two men tried using their vehicle to corner the cow to a fence on the roadside – however, their plan failed to work, with the cow leaping over the hood of one truck and continued running. It was then that a cowboy – riding on his horse and a rope in hand – came into action. He threw the lasso out and hooked the loose animal around its neck. Still, it kept running on the highway’s side, heading straight towards the adjacent intersection.

Another cowboy came in and roped the animal’s back leg, making it stop in its tracks. Now exhausted, the cow plopped down to the ground and the wild chase ended in a heroic takedown.

One of the cowboys, Blake Igert, noted that even though he’s already used to wrangling cows, this situation is quite unique – especially that it’s in the middle of the traffic.

He then explained that great timing played a big role in the success of the chase. “You got to be patient and wait for a good opportunity,” Igert said.

You can check out the wild, wild west moment in the video below.


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