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Charlie Rich’s Fourth No. 1 Song “There Won’t Be Anymore”

Charlie Rich’s Fourth No. 1 Song “There Won’t Be Anymore” 1
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No matter how much we love someone, we cannot forgive them if they have done something unpleasant to us. Maybe because the trust we once had for them is already been broken. Breaking someone’s trust is never a good idea because it is difficult to piece things back together and forgive. The love you once had for that person will not be the same after.

“There Won’t Be Anymore” After 13 Years

“There Won’t Be Anymore” is a song written by Charlie Rich in the 1960’s. However, the record was not released immediately, it took almost 10 years before they decided to release the song as a single in 1973. The song was only released after he was able to make outstanding records such as “The Most Beautiful Girl.” Moreover, “There Won’t Be Anymore” was released under his record label RCA. The song climbed the chart and made it to the No. 1 position of the Billboard Country chart for two weeks. In addition, it remained on the chart for a total of 17 weeks in 1974. “There Won’t Be Anymore” made it to the Billboard 100 and Adult Contemporary Chart top 20. This became Charlie’s fourth No. 1 song on the chart.

About the Song

A song about a man telling his ex-lover that she should not wait for him anymore. He told her not to expect anything from him anymore because she broke his heart. The song did not mention what the woman did but it may be something that has broken the trust of the narrator.

“Don’t think of the love we had

‘Til you turned bad

And broke my loving heart in two”

About Charlie Rich

Charlie Rich is best-known for his hits songs “Behind Closed Doors” and “The Most Beautiful Girl” which were both released the same year. His song “The Most Beautiful Girl” peaked at No. 1 on different charts of the Billboard. At the same time, it also entered at No.1 on the Canadian chart.

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