June 14

Charley Pride’s ‘Secret Son’ Contesting To The Country Legend’s Will

Charley Pride — a forerunner for Black musicians in country music — died in December 2020 at the age of 86. The iconic country singer had unfortunately dealt with complications from COVID-19.

Pride has had a lengthy and memorable career in the music industry, inspiring several of today’s top artists. So, it was no surprise when the news was prompted with a myriad of tributes from fellow musicians and fans alike as many people started mourning on social media. Plenty has proclaimed that Charley Pride songs were among the greatest in country music history, while some took some time to reminisce about his baseball career.

Meanwhile, one Texas man is filing a court case to dispute the country legend’s will – and it’s none other than Tyler Pride, allegedly Charley Pride’s “secret son.”

The 41-year-old police officer filed suit in May 2021, saying that the family hadn’t even informed him that the late singer was sick. He added that he was not even allowed at the funeral, and his name was not included in the obituary.

Apparently, Tyler Pride’s story was kept secret for the longest time. Yet a Texas court record dating back to 1992 pointed out that the results of a DNA test confirmed that Charley Pride was Tyler’s father. The court then ordered his legal name to be altered from Tyler Tines to Tyler Pride. In addition to that, the singer was also ordered to pay back-owed child support of $92,000 and to start monthly payments of $4,000 to Tyler’s mother, Joyce Ann Tines, until Tyler turned 18.

According to Tyler, Charley and his mother’s relationship – which lasted some ten years – started when the two met on a flight. Joyce Ann Tines used to be a senior flight attendant for Dallas-based Braniff Airways. Although he was born out of wedlock, his mother told him that it was planned – with Charley insisting on it.

Tyler Pride was born on July 19, 1979. And during his first 15 months, the elder Pride would make frequent visits to Dallas, where they lived. When he was old enough to understand, he was told that his father was Charley Pride, and he never tried hiding the identity of his famous father.

“I remember growing up playing his records, and listening to his music and knowing that he was Dad,” Tyler recalled. “So, it was never a mystery as to who he was or where I came from.”

However, as he was getting older, he said his father’s visits and attention lessened. Charley would then only speak to him three to four times a year during his teenage years. Tyler said his father would explain to him that it was a complicated circumstance and he had to maintain peace at home. The late singer was married to Rozene Pride, his wife of 64 years. Charley Pride’s wife bore him his children: Carlton, Dion, and Angela. And the matter has definitely started to become of tension with Charley’s first family.

This has caused the father-and-son relationship to drift apart. 

Tyler also actually has a beautiful voice, just like his father. In fact, he’s a member of the campus choir during college, and he has won several voice competitions. He was also good at sports growing up and used to be a varsity athlete.

Tyler maintains that his reason for filing a lawsuit isn’t a financial fight but is far more personal. He said that it’s about fulfilling what his father truly desires and ultimately being accepted as his son. The filing actually said that Tyler wanted it to be known that he is also a member of Pride’s family.

“He is my dad, and I’m proud to be able to tell that part of the story because I am part of his story,” said Tyler.


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