April 23

We’ll Soon Break These “Chains” as Patty Loveless Says

Bought a ticket to Seattle but I can’t get to the plane
Every time I leave you I keep running out of chain
I hunger for your love it never gives me any slack
But if I ever break away, I’m never coming back to these

Chains, chains, shackles and chains
No matter what it takes some day I’m gonna break these
Chains, chains, shackles and chains
These love taking, heart breaking, cold, hard, lonely making chains…

These are the beginning lyrics of Patty Loveless’ “Chains.” While reading the words of this song, one can immediately realize and understand that the chains being talked about here refer to the hardships and difficulties encountered by the woman from her man. It is plainly immeasurable how much difficulty the woman experiences, but it matters not, as she is tired of that kind of situation.

When a woman breaks away with these chains (and shackles) preventing her from her freedom, she is like a bird with wings, free to fly. In the song, she has had plans of leaving her man but has failed to do so. She hungers for his love but was not reciprocated. As a result, she hopes that one day, if given the chance, she’ll break those chains and never come back.

One of the best things that we have is the freedom of choice. We may say that it is not us who decide when and who to love, but it is still our choice what to do when that time happens. Ironic as it is, we can never argue with the truth. In any case that we’re put into these chains and shackles, it is then our choice if we stay as it is, or break away with it.

We'll Soon Break These "Chains" as Patty Loveless Says 1
Patty Loveless (Photo by allmusic.com)

Song Facts

Originally penned by Hal Bynum and Bud Reneau, “Chains” was first recorded by Kentuckian native Patty Loveless. Released in December 1989, it is the fifth single from her album Honky Tonk Angel.

In addition, “Chains” was Loveless’ second no. 1 hit, after “Timber I’m Falling In Love.” Both these songs are included in her Honky Tonk Angel album. To note, the song stayed on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart for 26 weeks, peaking at no. 1 on March 10, 1990.

Initially, the song was sung at a slower tempo than the one released by Loveless. However, Tony Brown, one of the producers of the song, suggested the speeding up of the tempo for Loveless’ recording.

Watch this Patty Loveless 1990 hit below and tell us what you think about it in the comment section.

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Chains, Patty Loveless

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