December 12

Would You Also Celebrate Christmas the Dierks Bentley’s Way?

Ever since cities and towns shut down in March, only a handful of people has been able to travel to distant places. As for Dierks Bentley and his family, it seems like they are to spend their holidays in Colorado due to travel restrictions. For the country artist, he sure does feel bummed out for not being able to see his fans on the road, but some part of him loves the fact that he’s stuck with his family somewhere in the west with relaxing views and peaceful ambiance.

Their Go to Christmas Place

Celebrating Christmas in Colorado isn’t new to Bentley. He even described their current situation as ‘an extended visit.’ Visiting the Centennial State has been a norm for him, his family, and his crew.

According to Bentley, “There’s a small town, and it’s pretty great Christmas vibes.” That’s in reference to the crazy amount of snow he always sees. But one of his family’s traditions is decorating their homes for Christmas, although he admits that he’s been putting up the same decorations from 12 years ago. Year after year, it turns out to be a bit shabbier than the last time.

Dierks Bentley also shared his joys on opening the duct-taped box which contains their Christmas bounties, the preserved Christmas lights he still hangs despite it not working for several years, the new ones he put up with it so it appears striking, and more. For him, their family traditions are pretty modest, but he emphasizes that it’s not the material aspect that is important in celebrating Christmas, but the spirit behind it.

Christmas is About Giving

Dierks Bentley reminds everyone that we should celebrate the reason for this season, to bond more with our families, and to try volunteering or supporting some good causes; anything we ought to be doing to make Christmas less about throwaway plastic toys that do not provide long term happiness. Bentley also shared how his longtime friend and songwriting partner Ashley Gorley never stops to make this point. With that, he is happy to make himself a good example for his children to follow.

Although quarantine has also hit hard on Dierks Bentley, he still tries to empathize with those working under his wing, and the people who are in a much more unfortunate situation. Bentley doesn’t consider himself unfortunate, but rather blessed. He gave local baristas $1,000 each to ease up their stress as Whiskey Row in Nashville closed down, and other generous acts which he simply didn’t mention.

While it is true that his Christmas trees are old, the money he puts into these fancy decorations is put into good use by people who needed it more. That’s how we can say that the way Dierks Bentley celebrates Christmas is quite amazing!


Dierks Bentley

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