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Carrie Underwood Sings Of A Sweet And Deadly Revenge In “Church Bells”

Country singer Carrie Underwood always loved good storytelling in a song and strong-woman character, which she got both in the murder ballad tale of Jenny called “Church Bells.” The song was released in April 2016 for her fifth studio album, Storyteller.

The song, which Underwood described as the little sister of Bobbie Gentry’s “Fancy,” was written by Zach Crowell, Brett James, and Hillary Lindsey. Her powerhouse vocals and the song’s oft-told tale were an instant hit, seizing the top spot on the Billboard Country Airplay chart and earning her 15th number-one. It was also her second chart-topper from the same album, making her the first woman to achieve the feat on the chart. 

“Church Bells” also earned her a Best Solo Country Performance nomination at the 59th Grammy Awards

Meaning Behind The Song 

The song is as straightforward as it gets. Jenny, a woman scorned, decided that her husband’s abuse was enough. So, she killed him by “slipping something in his Tennessee whiskey.” It was the perfect crime that no lawman would ever find out. With that, the church bells turned from a symbol of commitment to freedom. 

According to Crowell, he had the title and a blueprint for the music track but didn’t know how to write it. Thinking it would be a “cool Carrie Underwood thing,” he decided to wait and do it with James and Lindsey (as they both had past connections to the singer). He was right about waiting because the two immediately took the idea and started making magic. 

First, they figured out what the church bells meant, and then they weren’t sure how, but they ended up with a crazy story of a wayward man. Since they were writing with Underwood in mind, they didn’t hesitate to kill off the character. They knew she wouldn’t be afraid to sing a song with an ending like that. 

As for the melody, they also didn’t have any barriers. Everyone knew that the former American Idol winner was a powerhouse vocalist. She could literally sing anything – just listen to Carrie Underwood songs, and you’ll know what we mean. 

“Church Bells” was the last song the singer recorded for her album. They were surprised she didn’t cut it, mainly because this was a classic sound, unlike her new tracks, which explored new territory. They were definitely grateful that she kept it. 

Listen to Carrie Underwood’s revenge murder tale, “Church Bells,” in the video below. 


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