July 7

Despite Differences, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Are Still Going Strong

This coming July 10, 2020, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary!

In an interview by iamsecond, the couple explained the difficulties of their varying differences and contrasting beliefs.

As a former ice hockey player, Mike Fisher‘s the type of a person that’s built for outdoors with a passion for hunting and fishing. He attends hunt camp in Kentucky with his brother Bud and acquaintance Austin Casselman. Later on, they started a business Catchin’ Deers which sells apparel and hunting kits for aspiring hunters and such.

“Hunting and fishing are really some of my passions, which I think is important when you leave something you love like hockey like I did last year,” Mike Fisher says as he states the reason for his retirement on hockey.

Carrie Underwood, on the other hand, is a vegetarian and an animal lover. She continues her legacy in singing, songwriting, producing records, fashion designs, as a book author, and actress.

A few years back, Underwood switched from being a vegetarian into a vegan-only. She claims that it was the secret to her elegant physique, but had deeper reasons such us witnessing castrate calves from her parents and her being lactose-intolerant. In her defense, she is not the conventional vegan who sends back a food order once she sees a tiny sprinkle of cheese on top of her meal.

Although she says she’s still a vegetarian outside her household, she’s more of a vegan at home. This presents a challenge with Fisher being a hunter in which in the vegan philosophy, is the same as not giving value to life.

Aside from their hobbies and interests, their ideal dream of a family has also been an issue. Fisher wanted kids but Underwood’s a little anxious about it because she thinks she’s not good with them. In the end, they chose to be with each other believing that they would eventually figure things out.

After a decade of marriage, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher had two children; Jacob Bryan and Isaiah Michael Fisher. Although their statement on “figuring things out” isn’t exactly clear, what’s more important to the strength of their marriage is their commitment to love. They work on building up each other and on maintaining respect, but the greatest factor was their mutual and unwavering faith in God. This made them stay together as one despite the differences or beliefs they still strongly hold on to.


Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher

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