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Meaning Behind Brian Free & Assurance’s Song “Somebody’s Miracle”

In 2017, the known gospel country band Brian Free & Assurance released their “Miscellaneous” album containing twenty-five worship songs, including the hit gospel song “Somebody’s Miracle.” 

The soulful tone of the song did indeed catch everyone’s attention. Even though the song didn’t land on any official music charts, “Somebody’s Miracle” is still one of the band’s most listened-to masterpieces to this day.

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Brian Free & Assurance is a known southern gospel group formed in 1993. Since they started performing with the Gold City Quartet, they have continuously made a name in the industry, releasing multiple albums through the years. The band comprises three members: Brian Free, the group’s tenor; Bill Shivers, the lead; and Mike Rogers, the baritone.

The band simply aims to lift Jesus Christ through their music. They started as a small group that aimed to spread the words of Jesus to everyone. However, they are now among the most sought-after, Grammy-nominated groups worldwide.

If you want to know the meaning behind Brian Free & Assurance’s gospel song “Somebody’s Miracle,” here’s what we know.

Meaning Behind the Song

Written by Brian, Bill, and Mike themselves, “Somebody’s Miracle” is one of many gospel songs out there whose meaning is quite straightforward, as it simply teaches us to become somebody’s miracle in times of hardship.  

It pushes everyone to become a good Samaritan. Someone who will help anyone in need, even if it comes with or without exchange. It also talks about how having good manners and listening genuinely are some of the actions one should consider doing to become somebody’s miracle, just like what the bible wanted.

Above all, praying to Jesus is something that everyone should do. That’s because, at the end of the day, He is the only person who will listen to our ramblings without judgment. Most important of all, He is the one who will be there with us, even if our world is already in the dark. 

So, if you want to listen to Brian Free & Assurance’s song “Somebody’s Miracle,” you can check it out below.


Brian Free & Assurance

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