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Alison Krauss: A Guide About The Bluegrass Icon And Her New Collaboration

With a collection of 27 Grammy awards, Alison Krauss has definitely cemented her name in the music industry as the fourth most awarded individual in the prestigious award-giving body’s history and the most awarded female artist until Beyonce won her 28th in 2021. But more than a well-decorated career, Krauss’ music sparked a resurgence of interest in bluegrass music, and her contribution to the genre is far too immense to be even quantified. 

Recently, the bluegrass icon, along with former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant and producer T Bone Burnett swept headlines after they announced that they would be reuniting for yet another collaboration. This would be Krauss’ first album since 2017 and the second with Plant. And while there’s so much anticipation surrounding the album, especially with the success of the first, it also reignited dating rumors between the two. 

So are they really just collaborators or a couple? And where is Alison Krauss now? Let’s find out. 

Did Alison Krauss Date Robert Plant? Where Is She Now?

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No, Alison Krauss did not date Robert Plant. The two have known each other for almost two decades, and they owe their strong chemistry to their great teamwork. 

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant first met in 2004 at a Lead Belly tribute gig in Cleveland, Ohio where they both performed. According to Krauss, they hit it off over Ralph Stanley, an old bluegrass artist. At the event, the two even did a duet of Lead Belly’s song “Black Girl,” but it did not do great. Although their first try was a miss, it did bring out a connection, and the two got the notion to record a whole album. 

In 2007, they released their first-ever collaboration Raising Sand which took home six Grammys and other awards. On top of that, it also became a platinum-selling album that ushered in a new era in the artists’ careers. 

And now after 14 years, they are back at it again with a follow-up duet record, Raise the Roof. The two already released the first single off the 12-track album, a cover of Lucinda Williams’ “Can’t Let Go.” Aside from that, there would also be a Plant-Burnett original alongside the classics titled “High and Lonesome.”

The album will be released on November 19, and they will gear up for a tour in 2022. So, stay tuned!

Is Alison Krauss married?

As of now, Alison Krauss is unmarried. She has previously been married to guitarist Pat Bergeson whom she met back in 1996. The two dated for less than a month – 24 days to be exact – before they got married on December 8th. The pair welcomed their son, Sam Berges, in July 1999, but their marriage was short-lived. The couple decided to divorce in 2001, and Krauss got full custody of her son. 

Alison Krauss has reportedly been dating English pop singer John Waite since 2007, but there has been no official announcement regarding their relationship. 

Things You Didn’t Know About Alison Krauss, Including Her Net Worth

We already know that Alison Krauss is an icon with a long and distinguished career. But here are some tidbits of things you still probably don’t know about the bluegrass singer.

1. Alison Krauss is an accomplished fiddle player.

Born in Decatur, Illinois and raised in Champagne, Alison Krauss first started playing the violin at the age of 5. She initially studied classic violin, but she eventually switched to bluegrass style. She won numerous fiddling championships, including the Illinois State Fiddling Championship. 

2. She released her debut album at the age of 16. 

Krauss made her recording debut at 14 when she signed with Rounder Records in 1985. Two years later, she released her debut solo album Too Late to Cry.

3. Krauss has a band called Union Station. 

Aside from her solo career, Krauss also recorded music with her band, Union Station. She met all of the band members at festivals hosted by the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass in America early on in her career. The group recorded seven albums, including their most recent 2011’s Paper Airplane.

4. She was 21 when she was invited to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry. 

Krauss made a groundbreaking moment when she was invited to join the Grand Ole Opry in 1993 at just 21 years old. She was the youngest member of the Opry’s talented cast at that time. Not to mention that she was also the first bluegrass artist to be offered membership after 29 years. 

5. Krauss earned an honorary doctorate degree from Berklee. 

Alison Krauss pursued music at a young age, and though she might not have a chance to study again, she earned an Honorary Doctorate of Music in 2012 awarded by The Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She received the degree alongside The Eagles and musician Mulatu Astatke. 

6. She suffered from Dysphonia. 

After 2011’s Paper Airplane with Union Station, Alison Krauss had a long hiatus which made fans worry. In an interview with USA Today, Krauss explained that the reason behind her absence was dysphonia, a condition that causes the vocal cords to spasm. Krauss said that her throat would close up, and it was literally a pain in the neck. Thankfully she recovered and recorded her 2017 album Windy City

7. She only has one number one hit.

Surprisingly, despite her long, successful career, she only managed to earn one number one hit, and that was Kenny Rogers’ “Buy Me a Rose,” where she featured alongside Billy Dean. 

8. Alison Krauss’ net worth is estimated at around $17-$20 million. 

Alison definitely earned a fortune from her almost four decades in the industry. And that might even go up after she releases her second collaboration album with Robert Plant!


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