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Get on The Journey With Chase Rice’s Rendition of “Ride”

The song “Ride” by rapper SoMo was initially released in 2013. With a high position of eleven on the US Billboard Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Songs chart, it became a big hit for him.

In 2014, “Ride” was made into a touching and entertaining country ballad by Chase Rice and Macy Maloy. On the US Billboard Hot Country Songs list, it climbed as high as number 38. This duet, which shows Rice’s desire to win over Maloy as the song’s love interest, quickly became a favorite among listeners thanks to the lyrics’ actual honesty.

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The inspiration for the re-recording of this song came to SoMo after Chase Rice had posted a photoshopped image of the cover of his face on SoMo’s record. In response, SoMo suggested that Rice record a version of his song, to which Chase Rice agreed. 

One of Somo’s earliest songs, “Ride,” is considered by many to be extremely sensual and sexual, but according to Somo, he was so in love while writing it that he was declaring that he would ride or die for the girl’s love. He also claimed that because he is a sensual person, the song kind of went into though it just described the transcendence of the emotional into the physical part of love. Very similar concept to other Chase Rice songs.

SoMo was a featured performer in the music video for the song “Ride” by Chase Rice, which according to Nielsen SoundScan sold 413,000 copies in the US as of February 2016. 

Looking for the right song to listen to throughout your road trip? Play this rendition of “Ride” by Chase Rice!


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