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June 16, 2021


June 16, 2021


June 16, 2021

Charley Pride’s wife, Ebby Rozene Cohran, has always been by the country legend’s side even before his string of hit songs and a career that has spanned well more than the past five decades – until Pride’s death in 2020 after battling the deadly Covid-19 disease.

The two have been very vocal about their love for each other and were inseparable. In fact, Pride was almost never seen without Rozene. She has indeed stood by him as his support system. Let’s get to know more about Charley’s blissful family below.

Charley Pride’s Wife, Rozene Cohran

Before pursuing a career in music, Charley Pride had big dreams to become a professional baseball player. And that dream turned into a reality in 1952 as soon as he started pitching for the Memphis Red Sox, which paved the way to more opportunities for him to play for various teams over the next couple of years.

While playing in Memphis, fate stepped in when Charley met his future wife, Rozene Cohran. Rozene was working as a cosmetologist in Mississippi, and the two connected quickly! The happy couple then tied the knot in 1956.

Charley and Rozene worked together in building a strong family, being each other’s support system. Rozene even became Charley’s business manager; however, it would take another decade before he would find success in country music.

After Charley’s stint in the Army, the couple settled in Helena, Montana. Charley then started singing in bars and places around town, at the same time, pursued baseball as he worked in a smelting plant.

Eventually, Charley decided to say goodbye to his baseball dreams of becoming a part of a Major League. He then turned his attention to a career in country music. There was no denying that he had all the makings of an excellent country music star that Chet Atkins signed him to RCA Records.

Rozene went on playing huge supporting roles in her husband’s career. She would advise him behind the scenes at the same time, she would mingle and socialize with industry insiders with the goal of helping Charley get ahead in country music.

And just when Charley’s career started to thrive, his family started to grow as well. Charley and Rozene welcomed three incredible children throughout the late 1950s up to the mid-’60s. The family also decided to move from Montana to a sprawling home in North Dallas, where they settled all through Charley’s life.

In addition to its bigger airport and apparently being more progressive, the decision of where to live came in part from the racism Charley and Rozene experienced in different cities where they had lived in the past. 

Rozene opened up in one interview about an incident where they were denied service in a restaurant and another instance when a realtor declined to show them homes.

“We picked out what we thought was the best place for the kids and also for traveling around the world,” Charley said. “And you couldn’t find a better place for that than Dallas.”

Charley Pride’s Children

As he rose progressively to fame, Charley and Rozene had three children.

Angela Rozene Pride

Angela Pride is a successful businesswoman being the founder and president of Coach with Pride. She is also a speaker and author at Author Angela R Pride. She is a happily married woman and has four kids.

But despite being the daughter of such a big and famous celebrity, Angela has long kept her personal life private.

Carlton Kraig Pride 

Carlton performs music with his own reggae band, Zion Reggae Music, which he founded in 1995 while living near San Marcos, Texas. The band works on a mix of reggae, funk, and soul music, and they’re doing it excellently. In fact, the band has been featured at the Bob Marley Festival just within six months after it was formed.

Charles Dion Pride

Charley’s musical legacy is also carried on by his youngest son, Dion Pride, who followed in his father’s footsteps as a country music singer. Throughout the years, Dion had performed alongside his famous father. He has also covered several hits by Charley, at the same time cutting original tunes like “We All Gotta Live Here” and “One More Night.”

Though Dion admits that country is his favorite, he said he also enjoys doing various styles of music. “I try to incorporate everything, because to me when it is good quality music, there is a place for all of it,” he said.

Tyler Pride

Calling himself the “secret son” of Charley, Tyler Pride is the son of the country singer and Joyce Ann Tines, whom the singer met as a senior flight attendant for Dallas-based Braniff Airways in the late 1970s. Charley and Joyce Tines allegedly have a relationship that lasted some ten years.

But in 1992, a Texas court used the results of a DNA test in ruling that Charley was actually the biological father of Tyler Tines. The court then ordered that Tyler’s last name be changed to Pride.

For years, the younger Pride worked as a police officer patrol but now manned a desk at the police station. He also serves as president of the Tyler Patrolman’s Police Association. Recently, he made a buzz when he contested the late country star’s will in Dallas County (Texas) Probate Court. Charley’s will only listed his three children with Rozanne.

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Last December 28, 2020, just a couple of weeks after Charley Pride’s death, would have been his 64th wedding anniversary with Rozanne. It was, without a doubt, a tough holiday season for the country singer’s family. Still, Charley left behind myriads of musical memories. His life alongside his wife is like a real-life happy ending to a classic country music song.


Charley Pride, Ebby Rozene Cohran



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