Another Ira Stanphill song published in 1950.

In 1960, Stanphill’s Suppertime got included as the last track in Walter Brennan’s first album, Dutchman’s Gold. The album reached 30th nationwide.

Though it did not chart like his well-known hit, Old Rivers, Suppertime still is a tear-jerker to anyone who would listen. As for Walter Brennan, be it on-screen or off, he’s able to bring out the right emotions required in his acts. He truly lived up to his award-winning actor legacy.

What’s in the Song?

Narrator reminisces years in his childhood when his mama would call him home at dusk. Going beyond that fond memory was the realization that God does the same to his children. Soon, when the time appointed for this world’s existence comes to an end, he’ll call all of the saints to sup with him in his table.

“I can almost hear the call now comin’ from the portals of heaven…”

Walter Brennan – Suppertime

Fun Facts About Walter Brennan

1. Prior to his Hollywood career, Brennan used to raise pineapples in Guatemala.

2. He played a wide range of roles for films; often playing characters older than him.
3. The only male actor to garner 3 Oscars for supporting roles in a span of 4 years.
4. He’s also the 1st actor to bag Three Academy Awards.
5. Despite his image of an “old-coot” with a heavy Southern drawl, his growing up years in Massachusetts gave him a near English accent.
6. He’s an avid supporter of Ronald Reagan.
7. His time in the military made him susceptible to poisonous chemicals which ruined his vocal cords. That resulted in his somewhat high-pitched, old-man voice. On the bright side, it became his blessing in disguise as it gave him an edge to play older roles.

“ I’m too old not to be a religious fella. It appears we are losing something a lot of people made a lot of sacrifices for. – W. Brennan, 1964


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