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Walter Brennan

Latest Stories

Walter Brennan + Old Rivers' Trunk

Walter Brennan Reminisces Childhood Story in “Old Rivers’ Trunk” 

Walter Brennan conjures up fond memories of an old friend in the “Old Rivers’ Trunk” to reflect upon the value of resilience and friendship.

Jerry Ott + Old Rivers

Jerry Ott’s Superb Version of “Old Rivers” by Walter Brennan

From Willy Polard’s TV program, “Strolling Down Memory Lane,” Ott impersonated Walter Brennan and did an impressive imitation of “Old Rivers.”

Walter Brennan's "Suppertime"

You Can Hear The Call From The Portals of Heaven in Walter Brennan’s “Suppertime”

Though it did not chart like his well-known hit, Walter Brennan's Old Rivers, Suppertime still is a tear-jerker to anyone who would listen.

Unforgettable Walter Brennan and His Classic Tale, “Old Rivers”

In April 1962, Walter Brennan recorded Old Rivers which had no trouble ranking in the top ten. Played today, this baby boomer favorite is still a darling.