Female country artists ruled the ’90s and one of them is Trisha Yearwood. In the early years of 1990, she started her career in country music and this was the time she released most of her hit songs. One of them was her debut song called “She’s in Love With the Boy.”

Trisha Yearwood Talks about Romance

The song was under Trisha Yearwood’s debut album back in 1991. It became an instant hit for the country singer because the track is easy to relate to and Yearwood delivered an amazing performance through the song. It is something that a lot of teenagers have experienced… falling in love.

The song is accompanied by a cute music video depicting the story of Katie and Tommy. Their love story was hindered by Katie’s father but her mother came to their defense. The young couple overcame their challenges and this type of story is what fans usually gravitate towards.

 trisha yearwood, she's in love with the boy

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Lyric Breakdown

But Katie’s young and man she just don’t care
She’d follow Tommy anywhere

The song captures what it is like to be in love at a very young age. These are the times where all of us start feeling something unexplainable towards someone and we can’t really put an exact definition to it. We just feel an attraction and we become a little bit irrational and impulsive. This is best captured in the line above stating that Young Katie would follow him anywhere.

Puppy love is very common among teens, and there is scientific evidence for it. The sudden surge of hormones would mean that we would be having mixed emotions and feelings toward ourselves and other people. Some teens would jump on the chance to have a lover while some would be more cautious because they know that what they feel is temporary and immature. Whatever the case may be, go into a relationship with an open heart and an open mind because everything is a learning experience.

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