October 8

That Travis Tritt and Daughter Duet

The apple does not really fall from the tree revisiting the video created by Travis Tritt and his daughter, Tyler Reese Tritt. Many country artists have already featured their own sons and daughters in their music endeavor. For some, it is only a promotional strategy trying to gather curiosity if music runs in the family. Some just simply wanted to brag affirming their musical genes. Whether it’s a promotion or bragging rights, this duet that was performed five years ago by Travis Tritt and Tyler Reese Tritt is pure gold singing a Patty Smyth classic, Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough.

Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough, History, Travis Tritt

Before 2013 when country singer Travis Tritt and daughter, Tyler Reese Tritt recorded a version for the re-release of Tritt’s album, The Storm, ‘Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough’ was a single by former Scandal band vocalist, Patty Smyth performed alongside Don Henley. The single was released in August 1992.

Patty Smyth wrote the song alongside Glen Burtnik who recalled how the writing process was for the hit song:

“I picked up the guitar and started making something up, playing kind of absent-mindedly in between forkfuls as we spoke. Patty asked what it was and said she liked it. This was the impetus for the start of the song. We began batting around melodic and lyrical ideas. When we got to a certain point, I put down the guitar and went over to the piano (as I usually do when I feel like I need more musical choices). I came up with a second section, which led to me stealing a melody from a song I had written as a teenager and tried combining that with the scratch verse ideas we had been tossing around.”

While it was meant to be sung by two lovers and their point of view about love, undeniably, this song had the justice and talent it deserved from Travis Tritt and his daughter.

Watch the performance below:




Travis Tritt, Tyler Reese Tritt

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