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10 Best Southern Peach Cobbler Recipes You Should Try

Southern Peach Cobbler recipes are definitely mouthwatering desserts and are a staple on every Southern table. This sweety goodness is made even better with peaches harvested straight from Georgia. Nevertheless, you can try most of the recipes even with canned peaches. 

So if you’re into exploring sweet treats, we’re delivering you the 10 best peach cobbler recipes from the South. And if you like these Southern recipes, we’ve got more featured so make sure to check those out. 

1. The Best Peach Cobbler

The Best Peach Cobbler Recipe

There’s no shortage of claims when it comes to THE best peach cobbler recipe. But this recipe courtesy of Food Network Kitchen is definitely a hit. Their classic Southern take is light with an almost airy-cake style with unpeeled peaches for nice color (and easier recipe). This is best served with vanilla ice cream on a summer day. 


2. The Best Ever Southern Peach Cobbler

The Best Ever Southern Peach Cobbler Recipe

This is another claim to the best peach cobbler recipe ever. For this one, fresh peaches are mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg before getting blanketed with delicious cobbler topping. Then it’s sprinkled with sugar before baking until golden brown. The soft and sweet peaches blend well with the fluffy topping and nice sweetened crust. The different textures rolling inside your mouth will make you crave for more.


3. Easy Peach Cobbler

Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe

This is one of the old-fashioned styles of making peach cobbler straight out of a Southern grandma’s recipe book. The recipe is simple and easy to follow and something that you can do a few times in a week. And it’s a classic sweet soul food that will truly comfort you. 


4. Southern Peach Cobbler by AllRecipes

Southern Peach Cobbler by AllRecipes

This recipe from Allrecipes boasts of a Southern Peach Cobbler that even people who don’t like sweets will still take delight in. It’s easy, delicious, and perfect for a last-minute dessert. The recipe is also very flexible, so you can try and experiment a lot with it. 


5. Southern Peach Cobbler by Barefeet In The Kitchen

Southern Peach Cobbler by Barefeet In The Kitchen Recipe

This recipe from Barefeet in the Kitchen is a product of months of trying to perfect homemade Southern peach cobblers. This recipe features fresh juicy peaches topped with cinnamon sugar crust that remains buttery and flaky even after one to two days in the refrigerator. Enjoy an extended sweet treat!


6. Easy Southern Peach Cobbler by Monique

Easy Southern Peach Cobbler by Monique Recipe

A true blue Southerner, Monique shared her easy Southern Peach Cobbler recipe, which will make you think of home. It features the old-fashioned flavor of gooey peaches and double buttery pie crust. 


7. Southern Peach Cobbler by Jenn Segal

Southern Peach Cobbler by Jenn Segal Recipe

Jenn Segal is a classically trained chef, and she shared her rustic take on the Southern Peach Cobbler recipe. This one features warm spices that perfectly blends with the sweet peaches and another Southern staple – the homemade buttermilk biscuit – which serves as the topping. 


8. Peach Cobbler by Paula Deen

Peach Cobbler by Paula Deen Recipe

If you love cooking, then you might have possibly heard of Paula Deen at least once or twice. And she has an easy peach cobbler recipe that everyone can do and it’s delicious. Many have tried this and it’s always a hit on the table. 


9. Fresh Southern Peach Cobbler

Fresh Southern Peach Cobbler Recipe

To get the really fresh Southern take, then it’s best to take those Georgia peaches and use them in this recipe. Unlike most, this recipe has quite a longer list of ingredients like the additional cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice. But all of these blend well to add to the flavor punch.


10. Decadent Cinnamon Roll Peach Cobbler

Decadent Cinnamon Roll Peach Cobbler Recipe

This is one of the Southern Peach Cobbler recipes that will truly get you addicted to peach cobblers in no time. It gets an easy yet delightful twist with the addition of cinnamon roll dough with icing as its topping. It’s quick and easy to prepare so you’ll have your sweet fix in no time. 



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