February 22

Saved by the “Prayer Bells of Heaven”

Saved by the “Prayer Bells of Heaven” 1

Some Information About the Song

The legendary bluegrass guitarist Jimmy H. Martin collaborated with Paul M. Williams to write the tune “Prayer Bells of Heaven”. The former, also known as the King of Bluegrass, later recorded the song. Martin’s original recording of the tune then appeared on the 2006 album Bluegrass: Top 20 Gospel Songs of the Century featuring various artists. Prior to that, the award-winning blind American bluegrass fiddle player Michael Cleveland recorded it for his album Flame Keeper released in 2002. That same year, the track’s album earned him an International Bluegrass Music Association award for Instrumental Album of the Year.

By the way, if you don’t know who Johnny Horton is… check it out today!

Below is a video of the song performed by J.D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson & Paul Williams.

A Prayer Bell at the Lord’s Right Hand

It’s a known fact that life is not an easy path to tread on. Troubles, problems, sorrows, and the like are a constant part of our daily journey on earth. And many times, when these troubles mounted up beyond our capacity, we break down. We then throw a couple of questions of ‘why’ and ‘where are you’, mostly addressed to God. Did He really want us to endure of all of these difficulties? The answer is certainly NO. God loves us that much to let us suffer. His unconditional love is far greater than all of our problems combined. That is why He keeps a prayer bell at His right hand for us to ring anytime. And there’s an assurance that He’ll never miss a single ring from us. The song’s text reflects much of these thoughts. I encourage you, dear readers, to dig deeper on the lyrics and ponder on the tune’s message.

The Lyrics

While we are living in this world of care
Many the burdens that we have to bear
But there’s a prayer bell at the Lord’s right hand
Give it a ring and He will understand

Prayer bells of heaven
Oh how sweetly they ring
Bearing a message unto Jesus our king
When you are burdened down
With trouble and care
Ring on and on for God will answer your prayer

Three Hebrew children
To the flames were thrown
Because a mortal king they would not own
Jesus delivered and the king then saw
Prayer bells of heaven beats a man-made law

Repeat Chorus

When Paul and Silas both were thrown in jail
They did not worry who would go their bail
But on the prayer bells, they began to ring
Off fell the stocks and they begin to sing

Repeat Chorus

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Doyle Lawson, J.D. Crowe, Jimmy Martin, Michael Cleveland, Paul Williams

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