January 14

LeAnn Rimes and Reba McEntire Come Together For A Heartfelt Single


A beautiful collaboration of Reba McEntire and LeAnn Rimes was released in 2007. Their song “When You Love Someone Like That” deals with the reality of heartbreak. The narrator felt like she wasted her time, and she blames herself for why he left her.

Think it was me it must have been me

I guess I did something wrong

I tried too hard

Wanted too much

I guess that’s why it’s gone

However, someone tells her that it wasn’t her fault, and maybe he would do the same when he is with somebody else. 

He’ll do the same to someone else it ain’t about you

So don’t be so hard on yourself

When we don’t know the reason why someone leaves us, we felt like it’s our fault. We blame ourselves, and we even hurt ourselves because of what happened. However, we have to realize that when a person leaves us it’s not about you but the other way around.

“When You Love Someone Like That” Collaboration

Reba and LeAnn’s collaboration was amazing. LeAnn began singing until the chorus, and she was followed by Reba. The single was part of LeAnn’s ninth studio album Family and Reba’s twenty-fourth album Reba Duets. It was written by Ed Hill and Karyn Rochelle. In LeAnn’s album, “When You Love Someone Like That” was added as a bonus track together with her single “Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore,” a duet with Bon Jovi.

Reba McEntire and LeAnn Rimes performing on stage.
Photo Credit: Rick Diamond/ Sounds Like Nashville

LeAnn Rimes’ Album

LeAnn’s album reached number two on the country Billboard chart. In addition, it placed at number four on the Billboard 200. It also entered various charts outside of the US.

Reba McEntire’s Album

Reba Duets album topped three charts in the US (Billboard 200, Digital Album, and Top Country Albums Chart). Furthermore, it secured a spot on the Australian, Canadian, UK, and Japan charts. Three songs from the album were released as a single (“Because of You,” “The Only Promise That Remains,” and “Every Other Weekend”).

Check out this incredible duet of LeAnn Rimes and Reba McEntire.



LeAnn Rimes, Reba McEntire, When You Love Someone Like That

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