October 29

Reba McEntire Sings a About Marital Conflict and Children

Reba McEntire shares a song that exactly describes the pain of parents who unintentionally hurt their child. Let’s check it out!

Reba McEntire, Marital conflict and children, children, child
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The Song and the Album

What Am I Gonna Do About You is the 12th studio album released by Reba McEntire. It was produced by Reba herself and Jimmy Bowen. It has 12 songs including “I Heard Her Crying.”  It was Reba McEntire’s second No.1 album on the Billboard Country

Reba McEntire, Marital conflict and children, children, child
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The song was written by Karen Staley. It is a heartbreaking story of a couple who cannot keep their arguments aside. Their child hears the harsh words they said that led her to think that she is the reason for the fight. The parents realize how much they hurt their child and are heartbroken to see her blame herself. They assure her that she is not the reason why they are fighting. Still, the parents are full of regrets to see how their children suffer from their squabble.

Marital Conflicts and Children

Parents are the source of protection for the children. The way parents behave towards each other affects them. Neurological research affirms that when children hear angry yelling, their stress hormones shoot up and it takes time to diminish. This can make it hard for the child to go to sleep. Since they cannot turn to the parents for comfort, the stress turns to confusion and anxiety because they feel unprotected and scared.

How can we undo the hurt we did to our kids? Developmentalscience.com has a suggestion:

“When kids witness a fight and see the parents resolving it, they’re happier than they were before they saw it. It reassures kids that parents can work things through. We know this by the feelings they show, what they say, and their behavior—they run off and play. Constructive conflict is associated with better outcomes over time.”

Marital conflict is an inevitable part of marriage. Working together in addressing issues is the best way to avoid hurting their children.

Reba McEntire, Marital conflict and children, children, child
Via acpeds.org

Watch “I Heard Her Cryin’s” video here:


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