September 27

Reba McEntire Sings Beyoncé’s Hit “If I Were a Boy”

Reba McEntire surely knows how to make someone’s hit song her own. Her cover of Beyoncé’s single “If I Were s Boy” really showed another facet of the singer’s voice as this was not her genre at all.

Even in today’s music scene, country and pop have always been closely linked especially with the rise of country-pop singers. Reba showed in her version that you can sing a pop song while sticking to your country roots.

reba mcentire, if i were a boy
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Reba McEntire Slays Like Beyoncé

Queen Beyoncé’s version has a little bit of an upbeat tune while Reba’s cover is more on the mellow side. The country singer even had an official music video for her cover. This just shows her passion with her music.

Reba was already 56 years old when she did the song but she still looked gorgeous doing it. She is seen in the video wearing a long fabulous green dress and she was exuding elegance all throughout the song. She is in a huge mansion feeling her independent woman realness.

The singer was also trying to evoke the emotions needed in the song. This was definitely a refreshing take on the song and only Reba could do it the country way.

reba mcentire, if i were a boy
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About the Song

The song teaches all men how to treat their women right. Oftentimes, it takes a woman’s perspective on how  someone should be treated well.

Women were known as more emotionally expressive than men. This should not always be the case and that is what the song is trying to convey. Reba McEntire sure knows how to do that as seen in her performance.

When a song is that emotional, it should be performed with genuine emotions too. Both artists are able to do that since they probably can relate to it at some point of their lives.

Listen to Reba McEntire’s version here:



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