‘Down in Redneck Paradise, It’s a hole in the wall kinda small just look for the red light, And have no fear you’re free and clear to get wild and rock all night, We don’t bite, ‘Cause we get down right in Redneck Paradise’

Overwhelming Redneck Fever – Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. Bring the House Down 1

Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. had everybody singing at the top of their lungs with this renowned anthem for all those who were born and raised to appreciate the Southern culture and music. Even those not from the South but have grown to deeply love country will feel waves of good vibes through this particular song. Redneck Paradise was a befitting way for the country legends and rockstars to express their cultural brand and identity as artists. As they performed, their voices mixed perfectly as their energy levels contaminated the entire audience. It was a next-level number for the two and it acquired such a positive vibe and reception.

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Describing how the performance moved the viewers, Kid Rock and Hank William’s take on Redneck Paradise was timeless, deeply engaging and packed a lot of fire. To top it off, they shot a really badass music video to go with their explosive redneck anthem. In the beginning of the video, the two country artists are seen hunting in the woods, while they are taking refuge under a camouflage-printed fort and donning outfits bearing the same design. In the next scene, Kid Rock fires a bullet on this target, prompting the music to commence. What followed is Williams and Rock being shown sitting in a bar, chugging beer and smoking their cigar nonchalantly, as if they owned the place.

If you watch the music video, you will really see and feel what the redneck Southern culture is all about. You will be envious and at the same time wish that you were in the video so you could bask in Rock and Williams’ gloriously chill yet devil-may-care attitude.

Aside from Redneck Paradise, Kid Rock, or Robert James Ritchie, is also acclaimed for his other amazing works like Only God Knows Why, Picture, All Summer Long, American Bad Ass, and Lonely Road of Faith. He is also strongly supportive of the US military and is known to be one of the most patriotic celebrities in the US. Hank Williams Jr., son of legendary country singer Hank Williams, is an American songwriter, singer and musician whose style is interpreted as a notably wonderful combination of traditional country, outlaw country, blues, and Southern rock. He has garnered tons of awards for his talent and contributions in the music industry. Among the long list of hit songs and albums include One Night Stands, The New South, Once and For All, Family Tradition, Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound, Habits of Old and New, Rowdy, The Pressure is On, Five-O and Montana Café.

The feel-good and legendary performance just shows that nothing feels better than experiencing what you love most about your dear home. And when it is portrayed by two of the most dynamic country artists, then you are in for a thrilling ride to the beautifully rowdy sights of the South.