November 19

“Nothing’s Changed” in Spencer Burton’s Love for Music and the Wilds

The times you spent in your childhood neighborhood and the lessons you acquired and uses today are always worth looking back on. This is the exact same thing that Spencer Burton did for his recent single “Nothing’s Changed” which will also be included in the songwriter’s new album, “Coyote.

Burton took his time reminiscing his days back in the boonies, a 1,000-acre farm. Filled with vibrant energy, Burton will set your mood to nostalgia and a yearning to go back to the old days. A barroom piano accompaniment and a video from Mitchell Fillion brought more life to the lyrics.

A Music that Heals

Spencer Burton does not just write songs for the sake of country music. He writes songs that heal. He is known to be a singer, a songwriter, and an outstanding storyteller that personifies the likes of Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson.

Burton also added that when it comes to songwriting philosophy, the genre his songs later falls into does not really matter. As long as he writes to tell a story, he’s cool with people’s subjective categorization like folk, country, or a mixture of both.

As a very emotional person, Burton admits that it is through his songs that he experiences healing. Burton first surfaced commercially in 2014. Though he has not much of an experience as an artist or a songwriter, he had a lot of music in his DNA. He had a couple of years spent in playing the guitar for an indie rock band, “Attack in Black,” before finally starting his own project “The Grey Kingdom.”

Since his first day as a singer-songwriter, Spencer Burton is set to release his fifth solo studio album. This was recorded following the Ontario, Canada native’s moved from Toronto to the rural area of Niagara. The project was recorded using an analog equipment in Nashville.

Release Date

Now Burton is a father of two with Baillie Maxwell. Since their first day together, they never had a honeymoon. Maxwell had a daycare center to look after and Burton was busy creating music while tending to his goats, chickens, and pigs.

“Nothing’s Changed” was scheduled for release on November 18, 2020. Burton also officially announced that “Coyote” will be out on February 19, 2021. Stay tuned for Spencer Burton’s newest single “Nothing’s Changed.”


Spencer Burton

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