March 13

Don Edwards’ “Coyotes” Captures a True Cowboy Spirit

Don Edwards' "Coyotes" Captures a True Cowboy Spirit 1

And they go… hoo yip hoo yip hoo
hoodi hoo di yip hoo di yip hoo
hoo yip hoo yip hoo
hoo di hoo di yip hoo di yip hoo

Don Edwards’ story story telling in “Coyotes” captures a true American spirit. It will put you in touch with Cowboy culture and the need to connect to animals and the land. The song  makes  anyone feel the need to sit down, slow down, and take a break from the hi-tech treadmill of life.  Bob McDill  penned “Coyotes” which is closely associated with Don Edwards himself. according to the Bob, he can’t find anyone suited for the song in the beginning. So he just put it in his drawer until he met Edwards they met at Warner Brothers studio. The song appears on Edwards’ 1993 album Goin’ Back to Texas and was featured on the soundtrack of the 2005 documentary film Grizzly Man.

Having a distinct tune, he Great American Country network named “Coyotes” as one of their Top 20 Cowboy and Cowgirl Songs. Also, members of the Western Writers of America chose it as one of the Top 100 Western songs of all time.

The song laments on the continuous loss we go through as time passes by. Among the things the narrator says “are gone” are nineteenth-century people, animals and concepts that contemporary listeners may not be familiar with: Pancho Villa, longhorns, drovers, Comanches, outlaws, Geronimo, Sam Bass, the lion, the red wolf, Quantrille. In the end, the man who griefs, is gone, too.

And when the coyotes, they sing in the park
It’s when the city lights start fallin’ for the sea
While them roads are windin’ down
And the flying men’ll hit the ground
Every motion is close to the touch
And the coyotes sing when they call on your lovin’

Cowboy Poetry

As we all know, songs are lyrical poems. To add to our knowledge, Cowboy poetry and music started in the 1880’s soon after the Civil War influenced by the cattle drives. Waddie Mitchell, an American cowboy poet, states. The Cowboys had a connection to each other, their animals  and the land.

Cowboys and cowgirls, proud as we are, let’s keep country music ruling in! Don’t forget to check Country Thang website or follow our Facebook Page, Country Daily for more countrified updates. Yeehaw!


Coyotes, Don Edwards

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