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June 9, 2020


June 9, 2020


June 9, 2020

Musicians, artists, composers, singers are terms that may slightly differ from one another, but amongst these, they were first driven by inspiration, style, hardships, and passion.

Once an artist decides to come out of his shell, a groundbreaking moment happens. It’s a make or break, a chance of a lifetime, breathtaking or rather exhilarating. One who takes the center stage must muster them all, gain attention, and touch the very hearts of people around him through the drive which was only attained by hours of practice and moments of artist blocks which all ends to experience.

Meet Michael Lee

A three-chair-turner from The Voice’s blind audition, Michael Lee stole the hearts of many and managed to make coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Jennifer Hudson turn for him during his stage time. He sang B. B. King’s hit classic “The Thrill is Gone” whom the young artist admires as he takes his path on his musical career with his own favorite genre, the blues.

Raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Michael Lee was surrounded by blues music his entire life. He spent most of his childhood by joining the blues club. He was then educated by watching and playing with legends Jones, Whittington, and Peterson. But it’s not all the time that he gets to be in the blues club. He also found himself soaking in Country music on stockyards, thus lead to the development of his perfectly blended Blues and Country music style preceded by his fellow Texan Delbert McClinton.

By 2014, Michael Lee got to release his first record, and in 2018 he released two singles “Here I Am” and “Heart of Stone”.

Although he possess his own brand of music, his adoration for the late B. B. King led him to become a part of the band “BB Kings Blues” composed by B.B. King’s bandmates until he passed away in 2015. His band’s goal is to keep King’s legacy alive, leading them to hold musical tours which averages to 250 sold out tickets per year.

Michael Lee’s deep admiration for the late Blues artist led him to his spectacular performance in The Voice season 2018. He filled the audience and coaches with roaring passion as he tributes the song to his favorite artist.

Wooed by The Coaches

The three coaches who turned during Lee’s performance got crazy just to have him on their team, each with unique insights to befit his gift in performing onstage.

Hudson said that Michael Lee’s prowess with the guitar is his own personal superpower. Adding to the statement, she told him that even without it, he’s still a powerful singer who will fit well in her team. Adam, on the other hand, told Lee that his skills with the guitar makes them a perfect match for most of the guitarists go to his team. Blake, however, countered his argument and told Lee that he’s also been working with guitarists for the past few seasons of his coaching in The Voice.

With the wooing of the three coaches, his fellow Texan Kelly Clarkson gave him advise that the coach he must pick shouldn’t be the one with the most offer. Instead, she told him that he should pick the coach who he felt “sticking” with the most.

After the blind audition, Michael Lee opened up his social media and admitted that the coach who he relates the most is his fellow Texan native Kelly Clarkson. Their shared perspective of the music and lifestyle gave Lee a significant boost in picking a coach to guide him for a career in the big screen. It shows that no matter how big someone becomes, their nature, love, and passion remain to their same root.

In the end, whatever the goal of the artist, as long as it’s powered by hard work and passion, the probability of success all depends on the person. Development of one’s self esteem and confidence all roots to the first foundations they earn as an aspiring artist. From an artist’s perspective, there are people who contributed to their style of music and one of the most common yet amazing ways to show it is to tug the hearts of many by turning one’s years of experience to reality.


Michael Lee



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