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Blake Shelton’s Historical Commercial Is Worth A Good Laugh

 Blake Shelton’s Historical Commercial Is Worth A Good Laugh 1

A Comical Encounter

Blake Shelton is undeniably one of the distinguishable artists in the country music industry. Apart from his considerable success in this genre, Shelton is likewise famed in the hit competition series “The Voice”. But do you know he also appeared in a TV commercial during his earlier days being a country artist? Yes, that’s right! And that television ad enclosed an awkward moment for him which will certainly make every fan chuckle upon seeing. Luckily, a clip of it has been unspoiled for us fans to be amused with in a while.

How It All Started

Shelton first appeared on the scene in 2001 for the release of his debut single “Austin”. From then on, Shelton’s music career flourished and it gets more and more prosperous through the years. His single became a number one hit and this has been followed by 20 more hit songs. His releases since 2013 and onwards had always occupied a spot on the country album charts. Interestingly, all of his albums entered the Top 10.

Amplifying his success are the various recognitions he received, his countless opportunities to host the ACM Awards for numerous years, and serving as “The Voice’s” coach since its inception. An icing on his cake, in almost half of the show’s total series (6 out of 13), a winner came from Shelton’s team.

Given that, Shelton is certainly more confident in front of the camera by now. But as a beginner in the entertainment industry, that is something he’s unused with. We’re quite fortunate to have the chance to see his acting during his career’s earlier days.

The Awkward Moment

The success of “Austin” has fueled Shelton’s rise to stardom. Accordingly, the singer was given a chance to feature his song “Austin” in a commercial film for the North Texas Ford Dealers. A short video of this ad containing an awkward moment of his was uploaded on the internet a few years ago.

At the opening of the clip, Shelton is seen seated in the driver’s seat of a truck. With a smiley face, he introduces himself.

“Hi, I’m Blake Shelton. And because of my busy touring schedule as a country music singer, I don’t have time to take chances with my vehicle service.”

Afterwards, he climbed up the truck and invited all to visit the North Texas Ford Dealers for any repair services they need for their vehicles. The commercial concludes with the singer smiling brightly at the camera as he said, “You tell ‘em Blake sent ya.”

No matter how hilarious the dialogue was in the commercial, Shelton’s appearance was worth a chuckle the most. He’s obviously on the zenith of his mullet days that even the cowboy hat he wore could not hide it. Oh, that large jacket and pair of jeans he’s wearing make an interesting outfit too!

Okay folks, you better watch the 30-second spot below to get the most of its “comical” aspect, yourself.

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