October 25

Every Brokenhearted Man Will Relate to “Thinkin’ Bout Me” by Morgan Wallen

On September 7, 2023, Morgan Wallen released “Thinkin’ Bout Me” as the sixth single out of the 36 tracks on his ground-breaking album, One Thing at a Time.

The song quickly became one of the many highlights of his massive collection. It helped Wallen earn his 10th No. 1 title in October 2023 when it claimed the top spot on the Billboard Country Airplay. It is now Wallen’s fastest-rising No. 1 and is even the fastest-charting No. 1 since 2015.

“Thinkin’ Bout Me” also ranks No. 4 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart while climbing all the way to No. 9 spot on Billboard Hot 100.

Behind The Song

Written by John Byron, Ashley Gorley, Taylor Phillips, and Charlie Handsome, “Thinkin’ Bout Me” finds Morgan Wallen asking his ex-girlfriend if he’s still on her mind, even if she has moved on with someone new. 

He wonders if he crosses her mind whenever she’s driving with her new beau or even when she just closes her eyes. He asks how far she is willing to go just to hide her feelings for him.

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“When you’re up in his bed, am I up in your head? Making you crazy, tell me, baby, are you thinkin’ ’bout me?” Wallen sings, assuming that she’s still pining for him. He went on trying and teasing an admission out of his old flame that her heart continued to ache for him.

What’s even more amazing is how the country hitmaker delivers it with his trademark charm, transforming the post-breakup ballad into a playful, swaggering anthem. Anyway, make sure you listen to “Thinkin’ Bout Me” by Morgan Wallen by playing the video below.


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