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‘Stars Like Confetti’ by Dustin Lynch is Shining bright on Country Radio

'Stars Like Confetti' by Dustin Lynch is Shining bright on Country Radio

On January 30, 2023, Dustin Lynch released “Stars Like Confetti” as the third single of his fifth studio album, Blue in the Sky.

The song was a hit for Lynch, climbing to No. 6 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart while sitting at No. 21 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

Story Behind The Song 

Written by Josh Thompson, Zach Crowell, and Thomas Rhett, “Stars Like Confetti” tells the story of a young sweetheart having a romantic night in the back of a rusted Chevy Silverado Z71 parked on a dirt road. However, the stars in the sky made the night even more magical. It’s as if God was throwing confetti.

In an interview, country star Thomas Rhett gave a glimpse of how the song came to life, which can actually be traced back to one of Rhett’s family vacations. 

On one occasion, Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, took their children to Montana, which is known to many as the Big Sky Country because of its abundance of wide-open spaces and skies that endlessly stretch to the horizon. 

Indeed, the state lived up to its name, impressing Rhett’s daughter, Willa Gray, who said the stars in the sky look like confetti from his father’s show. 

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The moment became a turning point for Rhett, thinking “Stars Like Confetti” as a possible song title. So, he popped the idea out during his songwriting session with Zach Crowell and Josh Thompson early in the pandemic time. The trio embraced a storyline about a young couple relishing the same sky Rhett’s family had gazed upon in Montana.

When they finished writing the song, Rhett recorded a vocal over acoustic guitar. Crowell then began layering instrumental parts over that work tape to create the demo. 

However, for reasons Rhett can never recall, he ended up never recording the song. So, Crowell sent a copy to Lynch, and the rest was history.

Tune in and listen to “Stars Like Confetti” by Dustin Lynch by playing the video below.