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Marie Osmond’s 2nd No. 1 “There’s No Stopping Your Heart”

A Little Something about Marie Osmond

For those who don’t know the origins of Marie Osmond’s career, she started as half of the duo “Donny & Marie.” Moreover, Donny & Marie are sibling artists who made their debut on ABC-TV on January 16, 1979. Also, on that day, the brother and sister were differentiated by everyone. That’s because Donny belonged to the rock and roll genre. Even though Marie Osmond performed under different music genres, she confirmed that country music was best suited to her talent.

Marie Osmond's 2nd No. 1 "There's No Stopping Your Heart" 1

Going home with the fact that country was the best for her and after disappearing in the country charts, Marie Osmond returned with a single in 1985. The hit was “Meet Me In Montana,” a duet with Dan Seals that was released on October 1985. Thereafter, Marie had a quick follow-up, “There’s No Stopping Your Heart.”

Marie Osmond. Photo from YouTube via Screengrab
Marie Osmond. Photo from YouTube via Screengrab

Marie’s Second Success

Marie Osmond’s “There’s No Stopping Your Heart” was written by a songwriter named Michael Brook. Brook’s publisher gave a demo of the song to Capitol Records (Marie Osmond’s record label). Marie’s producer who loved its tune. Although the song on the demo was sung by a man, Osmond’s producer envisioned the tune for Marie. After her producer had his final decisions, he took the demo to Marie which made her very excited about the song.

Capitol Records felt that the song “There’s No Stopping Your Heart” was so strong that they decided it to be the title track for Osmond’s upcoming album project. After the song was done, for whatever reason, Marie’s producer called an engineer to re-mix it before it was released. The re-mixing of the song made it different from the original, however, it made the song better. As proof of Paul Worley’s (Marie Osmond’s producer) cleverness, the song became a No. 1 hit.

“There Was No Stopping Your Heart” was released on November 11, 1985, and it became No. 1 hit on the Billboard’s Country Music Chart on February 22, 1986. Even though it took the song three months to land on the top spot, it still counts as Marie Osmond’s second No. 1 hit. Moreover, another song from the album, “Read My Lips,” made it to the chart.


Marie Osmond

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