August 29

Little House on the Prairie: 21 Songs From The Series

Whether you’ve spent your entire childhood on a Minnesota farm or you’ve never been to the Dakotas, these Little House On The Prairie songs will surely bring up images that seem like memories of life at the edge of the American Midwest, a century and a half ago.

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Music played a huge part in the Ingalls family, with Charles ‘Pa’ Ingalls playing his fiddle while the rest of the family sang their favorite songs with him – songs that went along with life on the United States’ great grassland.

Most fans of this historical drama TV series, based on the young adult book by Laura Ingalls Wilde, are definitely familiar with these tracks. Let’s take a look back at them below.

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  • “Arkansas Traveler/Devil’s Dream” by Pa’s Fiddle Band
  • “Happy Land” by Peggy Duncan Singers, Pa’s Fiddle Band
  • “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks” by Walnut Grove Church
  • “Sweet Betsy From Pike” by Vivian and Phil Williams
  • “Pop Goes the Weasel” by Stuart Buck
  • “In The Sweet By And By” by Craig Duncan
  • “Onward Christian Soldiers” by The Eden Symphony Orchestra
  • “Uncle Sam’s Farm” by Judson Hutchinson, Eastman Chorale, Robert DeCormier
  • “The Blue Juniata” by Riders In The Sky
  • “Bringing in the Sheaves” by Nashville Bluegrass Ensemble
  • “Battle Cry of Freedom” by 2nd South Carolina String Band
  • “The Girl I Left Behind Me” by Pat Enright
  • “Roll The Old Chariot Along” by The Princely Players
  • “Oft In The Stilly Night” by Deborah Packard, John Mock
  • “The Big Sunflower” by Douglas B. Green
  • “The Battle Cry of Freedom” by John Cowan
  • “Money Musk” by Pa’s Fiddle Band
  • “Happy Land” by Peggy Duncan Singers
  • “Roll The Old Chariot Along” by The Wagoners
  • “Old Dan Tucker” by Bobby Horton
  • “The Gypsy King” by Jeff Black

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Little House on the Prairie

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