November 6

Lee Ann Womack’s Classic Country Hit “The Fool”

Lee Ann Womack rose to fame during the ’90s era and it was all because of the rise of female country artists during that time. “The Fool” is one of her best songs and there is a good reason why.

Behind Lee Ann Womack’s song “The Fool”

This Lee Ann Womack-song was penned by Marla Cannon-Goodman, Gene Ellsworth, and Charlie Stefl. In an interview, they shared the story behind the creation of this amazing song. Goodman said:

“I was driving down Music Row, and someone pulled out in front of me one day. It had probably been four or five months since we had written that song, and that tape flew out from under my seat; it was an actual cassette. I was like, ‘What is this?’ and all it said was ‘melody.’ So when I put it in my player, the melody started playing, and it was just us humming along with the melody. The Hall of Fame was still on the corner of the roundabout at that time, and I was right there, in front of that, and when I heard that melody line, that idea popped into my head out of thin air. I like to call it one of those ‘God gifts.'”

 lee ann womack, the fool
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Lyrics Breakdown

I know love is a fragile thing
And I’m trying hard to make it last
But it ain’t easy holding on to my dream
When he’s holding on to the past

Love is fickle and it can crumble with just a single touch. This is what the song preaches and that is how a song can be successful. Lee Ann Womack performed “The Fool” with the right emotions, delivering the message of the song incredibly.

Country music is good and this song is good. Do you agree?

Check the Lee Ann Womack’s song here:



Lee Ann Womack

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