March 21

Kenny Rogers’ Plastic Surgery Was Met With Criticism, Here’s Why!

Kenny Rogers’ plastic surgery was the country singer’s way of reinventing himself, which he believed to be necessary for him to even more succeed in his career and stay as relevant as ever!

In fact, Rogers even wrote in his book “Luck or Something Like It” that if you’re in this business and you’re someone who’s afraid to change your image, your time will likely be limited! The singer revealed he had this realization after his performance on The Tonight Show and guest host John Davidson turned to his rose-tinted glasses.

Rogers said that interview made him start thinking about how he is presenting himself onstage – it got him thinking about his image. So, just within that week, Rogers cut his long hair, got rid of his glasses, and took off the earring from his ear – which he said was like “shedding a costume of an earlier era and becoming ‘Kenny Rogers’ again.

Eventually, Rogers “had a lot of money and a lot of time” that he decided to go under the knife to improve himself even more – he had botched eyelid lift.

However, his fans were not amused with the result! Now that his eyelids are a lot tighter, Rogers no longer resembles the shabby, macho man we adore in the ’70s. He lost the warmth in his eyes that went so well with his raspy voice.

The singer admitted that he was also not happy with the result, and it once drove him crazy, but he never regretted nor felt sorry about his decision. “The truth is I don’t know what I would have looked like if I hadn’t done it. So, you do it, and you live with it,” he said.

Certainly, Kenny Rogers‘ plastic surgery has annoyed some fans – but this doesn’t change the fact that he will forever be the country legend we all love and respect.


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