June 21

Kenny Roger’s “You Decorated My Life” Coats Gratification for One’s Soul

Kenny Rogers

Indeed, “You Decorated My Life” is a representation of someone whose life became complete and fulfilled. A sense of gratification is filled by the one you truly love, the one you definitely belong to, and the one who’s destined for you. You’ve been mistreated, cheated, and deceived, you’ve totally been broken, but there will come a love that will gratify your once lost soul. Undoubtedly, the message of the song is insanely piercing, and the melody is very emotional. Kenny Rogers made the song romantic.

Kenny Rogers never disappoints us. He always brings the best songs varied with his great voice. Kenny’s songs have stories patched with sentimental melodies that we can link our experiences with.

The Gambler Kenny Roger is always decorating our lives through his great music. With this, let’s ornament our imaginations, our memories of Kenny, and listen to one of his greatest songs ever penned.

You Decorated My Life…

Behind the words and lyrics of “You Decorated My Life” are the songwriters Debbie Hupp and Bob Morrison. Kenny Rogers recorded and released the song on September 10, 1979, and was part of his album “Kenny.” It became number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, Canadian RPM Country Tracks, and Canadian Adult Contemporary Tracks.

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers can undoubtedly sing any song. He can perform any music with his mellow, rough, husky-toned voice. Not only that, but every beat of his singles can also move people. It’s either, he can make the audience jive or he can make his crowd’s eyes water. Indeed, a real epitome of a real musician.

Furthermore, Kenny is one of the best-selling music artists of all time. From the day he started recording to his last tours, Kenny has been and will always be part of our lives. Also, he received numerous awards from different award-giving bodies such as the AMAs, ACM, CMA, and Grammys. Moreover, he has garnered recognition from various organizations and most notably he was inducted into Country Music Hall of Fame.

Kenny Rogers

Unfortunately, in 2015, Kenny announced his retirement which saddened the whole world. He decided to focus on his family and health. Nevertheless, Kenny will always have a place in our hearts. His work of arts and great music will continuously live within us.

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