July 30

Josh Turner’s “I Serve a Savior” Tugs to Your Grateful Heart

Josh Turner is well known for his songs “Long Back Train” and “Your Man.” He is widely known for his songs that pinch our hearts for different reasons. Usually, the lyrics of his songs reflect love, happiness, and worship.

Josh Turner’s 1st Gospel Album

Josh Turner, I serve a savior
Photo Credit: Josh Turner’s Official Facebook Page

Turner grew up in church and has worked with a quartet called Thankful Hearts. Going back to his roots, he realized his dream of having a collection of hand-picked worship songs. Consequently, on October 26, 2018, he launched his seventh studio album entitled “ I Serve a Savior.” It mostly consisted of gospel songs that will make your hands reach to heaven. With Turner’s rich distinct baritone voice, his work reflects his heart as an artist.

On one of his interview he said:

“I don’t believe God wants me to be a gospel singer, he just wants me to be a Christian singer. That’s who I am, a Christian.”

About the Song

josh turner, i serve a savior
Photo Credit: Josh Turner’s Official Facebook Page

As part of the album, “I Serve a Savior” is a song that lets you feel that you are in front of the Lord, humble and grateful. It also gives the aura of surrendering yourself and following God’s footsteps. The song further lets you reflect that whatever we do here and now is all for the glory of God.

This world can be so full of heartache
The pain, it causes cuts just like a knife

Although following God’s way could sometimes be painful, Turner answers back with a scripture

“If anyone serves me, he must follow me
Where I am, there my servant will also be
If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him”

With that said, we don’t deserve God’s grace but our life becomes greater because we serve a savior.

Check out his live performance here:

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