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Meet Jake Hoot’s Wife: Everything You Need to Know About Brittney Hoyt

Jake Hoot’s wife is known to be a voice and influencer in her generation, and we’re about to get to know more about her!

On March 7, 2021, the singer married his longtime girlfriend, Brittney Hoyt, in a sentimental wedding. Before the ceremony, the couple shared a prayer together and was followed by their friend leading worship to begin the celebration. Then, they wrote their own vows to each other, and Hoot surprised his bride with not only one but two original songs he wrote for her. 

To celebrate such a joyful event, we’ve gathered up some of the things we know about Brittney so we can all get to know more about the new Mrs. Hoot. Check them out below.

She’s Now Thirty-Two Years Old

On September 20, 1989, she was born to parents Vicki Hoyt and Tim Hoyt as Brittney Nicole Hoyt – making her thirty-two years old today. She grew up in Casa Grande, the second largest community in Pinal County, Arizona.

Jake Hoot’s Wife, Brittney Hoyt Is A Labor And Delivery Nurse

Brittney went to Central Arizona College and later attended Grand Canyon University, where she earned her degrees in nursing science. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, working as a nurse at the Labor and Delivery Department.

She Also Runs A Nonprofit Organization

Brittney is the founder and director of the nonprofit organization The Radiant Initiative. 

In 2019, Brittney created the organization intending to educate, provide and inspire people worldwide. Since then, Brittney and her team have led numerous delegations, built several homes, and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in targeted communities.

She Met Hoot Eight Years Ago

Brittney and Jake Hoot met eight years ago while they were both serving as wedding singers at a common friend’s wedding. The two lost touch, yet love always finds its way back. One day, Brittney and Hoot reconnected while making a mission trip in Nicaragua, and from that moment on, they knew they were meant to be together.

The singer said it was Brittney’s “love for others and love for God” that made him fall in love with her.

Hoot Proposed To Her During a Trip to Her Hometown 

Knowing that being around family is very important to Brittney, Hoot had to fly in seven people for the biggest surprise of her life. The singer got down on bended knee during a trip to her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, with Brittney’s family as the witness of such a special moment.

Though Hoot popping the big question was planned as a surprise, Brittney quickly realized it after seeing her family rounding up. She soon started getting emotional. Hoot recalled how he needed to help Brittney move forward because she was already crying and starting to fall down.

And to make things even more special, her engagement ring – which is a stunning oval diamond adorned with small dainty ones all over the band – was her dream ring, she said it’s “more than I could’ve ever dreamed of.”

She Had Her Wedding in Her Dream Venue

Hoyt and Hoot got hitched at Saddle Woods Farm in Murfreesboro, Tennessee – which the bride revealed to be her dream venue. 

Brittney’s friend who owned Crown and Veil Design did all of the decorations while the reception catered barbecue by Mission Catering, which was owned by a friend the couple has gone on several mission trips with.

Two days after their wedding – staying in Nashville for a couple of nights – the newlyweds flew to the Secrets resort in Cancún, Mexico, where they’re going to spend their honeymoon. 

Jake Hoot’s Daughter Loves Her Too!

Hoot has always raved on how Macy – his five-year-old daughter he shares with ex-wife Jessica Lynn Steele – loves Brittney. In fact, he asked Macy countless times about her thoughts of marrying Brittney, and the little girl has always answered yes.

During the couple’s wedding, Brittney and Hoot each wrote vows to Macy, too.

She Has Equally Talented Siblings

Brittney’s brother Joseph and sister Briley graced her wedding ceremony by singing NewSong’s “When God Made You” – the same song Hoot and Brittney sang when they first met as wedding singers.

Brittney actually has a total of six siblings. In addition to Joseph and Briley, there’s also Jordan, Briauna, Jonny, and Joshua, who is the Vice President of The Radiant Initiative. Joshua graduated summa cum laude at Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Biological Science. He spent many years working at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an advisor to diplomats and later on served in the Department of Justice Office of Legal Policy.

She Often Appears On Hoot’s Tracks

You will actually hear Brittney singing background vocals on Hoot’s track “Nadine,” and the singer just revealed that we’d get to hear more of her in his upcoming album.

During an interview, Hoot has also talked more about Brittney’s talents. The singer recalled his shows at Tishomingo and Texas, where people were requesting for Brittney to get up and sing – to which she happily obliged with her husband encouraging her.

Though Hoot did not specifically reveal what part Brittney would exactly play on the album, rest assured she will have a role in the record. “She is such a powerhouse that she is definitely gonna be part of the album,” the singer said.

Well, we’re definitely excited to hear more of Jake Hoot’s wife.


Brittney Hoyt, Jake Hoot

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