September 12

“I Will Still Be Loving You:” A Promise Made by Restless Heart

Darling, “I Will Still Be Loving You” until the sun does not shine. This kind of promise made by someone is everyone’s dream to hear from their beloved. Are you one of them?

Well, talking about love, everyone desires to find the perfect person. In reality, there is no perfect person, but there will be a person who accepts you for who you are. This person will make a way to show the world that you are perfect. However, love is not all about romance but it also includes heartaches. Some people will leave but the perfect person will stay. Despite the heartbreaks we encountered in the past, we still choose to love someone, right? We take the risk of opening our hearts all over again until the perfect person comes. But remember, you cannot love someone more than your self.

“I Will Still Be Loving You”

It is a deep ballad love song penned by Todd Cerney, Mary Ann Kennedy, Pam Rose, and Pat Bunch. American country music group Restless Heart recorded the song and it was released on January 1987 from their album, Wheels. Upon the release of the song, it immediately gained praises and positive comments from country fans and listeners.

In addition, “I Will Still Be Loving You” reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and had spent over 25 weeks on the chart. The song entered into the Adult Contemporary chart and gave the group their first exposure on the pop charts.

About the Song

Love songs were admired by many people, especially if they can relate into it. Classic songs are really not old, in fact, it is loved more than the songs we have now. I am sure you still remember the 1980s song “I Will Still Be Loving You” because of its harmonious sounds and beautiful lyrics, no one will forget it.

“I Will Still Be Loving You” is the group’s second number 1 hit single that entered country charts. At first, the group was hesitant to record the song, but with the help of Tim DuBois, their record producer, the song was pushed through. Until now, the song is heard over country radios with different versions of it.

Listen to the song “I Will Still Be Loving You” below:


Restless Heart

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