September 9

Here Are Walker Hayes’ Songwriting Buddies Behind The Popular Tune “Fancy Like”

In 2021, Walker Hayes gathered together with songwriters Cameron Bartolini, Josh Jenkins, and Shane Stevens for one of their first in-person writing sessions since the pandemic put the world on a halt, where the song “Fancy Like” came about.

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Hayes and his songwriting buddies had been running down heavy stories about pain and misery – more particularly with the loss of Hayes’ child at birth in 2018. At the same time, he was enthralled by how fans were responding on social media to his usual, unpretending home life.

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“I’ve noticed people noticing their lives in mine,” Hayes said. “Like, ‘Hey, I drive the same Altima,’ or ‘Hey, I love how y’all live in a normal house.'” This made him realize that people only see the music stars’ bright side of life, like living in huge mansions or flying on private jets. They often don’t think of them as regular people who enjoy the regular things in life.

From that, Hayes and his team ended up with “Fancy Like,” which soon enough took the world by storm. 


Walker Hayes

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