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Get to Know Darius Rucker’s Children, The Center of His World

Darius Rucker’s children are the center of his world, and nothing makes him more attractive than seeing how great of a father he is. Despite his busy and hectic work schedule being one of the leading country music artists today, he knows family comes first, no matter what. 

Rucker makes sure he keeps his children a priority above all things. His kids adore him, and he loves them too, and it’s clear as day. Let’s get to know more about the multi-talented artist’s children here.

Carolyn Pearl Phillips

Carolyn, born on April 21, 1995, is the eldest daughter of Darius Rucker with his former girlfriend, Elizabeth Ann Phillips. She was named after Rucker’s single mother, who raised him and his five other siblings.

In May 2018, Carolyn graduated from college, and his famous father couldn’t be more proud. He posted a photo of Carolyn, alongside his other kids and wrote in the caption: “My oldest graduated yesterday. So proud of her. Love my babies.”

Just like Darius Rucker, she also loves singing. She often posts covers of popular songs on her YouTube channel.

Daniella Rose Rucker

In December 2000, Darius Rucker married Beth Leonard. They welcomed their first child together, Daniella, on May 16, 2001. Daniella was named after famous football legend Dan Marino. The 19-year-old is now in college and attending New York University.

Daniella further proves that musical talent runs in Rucker’s family. Recently, Darius Rucker posted a song that Daniella recorded called “I Don’t Love You Like That.” The country star produced the song and said they had the opportunity to record it because they were all home together due to the pandemic. 

In the song, Daniella sings from the heartbroken side of a breakup. She wishes her former lover the best in life rather than harboring feelings of resentment. Daniella’s sweet country voice is just perfect for the hopeful lyrics.

Jack Rucker

In 2005, Darius Rucker and his wife were blessed again with another child, Jack. Now on his early teens, the country star’s only son is wild about golf. He often plays with his superstar father. 

Despite Rucker’s success in the music industry, he once revealed that he would rather have his kids find success outside of the entertainment industry. “If they were to ask me what I wanted them to do, singing would be the last thing I would want them to do. Go be an engineer. Go be a doctor. Go get a real job. Get a family and live a great life…” Rucker admitted.

Well, one thing is for sure, they’re growing up to be great kids.


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