October 24

Ernest Tubb’s Classic Hit “I’ll Get Along Somehow”

Ernest Tubb was country music’s biggest star back in 1941. His song “Walkin’ the Floor Over You” was his first country hit and it was followed by his other hits such as “Soldier’s Last Letter,” “Hello Trouble,” and “Just a Drink Away.”

His track “I’ll Get Along Somehow” has a different take on the affair which was why it was loved by his fans.

Ernest Tubb’s Song About Affair

We are used to hearing songs that are painful because his lover left him for another person. While this really is an experience that we don’t want to happen to us, Ernest Tubb takes on the challenge. He is quite brave and non-nonchalant when he knew about the affair of his lover because he is doing it too. There wasn’t any trust broken because he knew from the start that they are just fooling each other.

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When you hear Ernest sing, there are so many emotions heard in his voice. In this case, we can hear a sense of being happy and proud that he was not hurt due to the affair. He was able to do the same and that is all he wanted to do.

Lyrics Breakdown

You thought it’d break my heart but I fooled you from the start
Cause I never did trust you

This was a spiteful song for Ernest Tubb. As the lyrics suggest, the two have been fooling each other while staying in a relationship. Instead of separating, they chose to stay in that toxic set-up and they try to fool each other. Maybe, just maybe, the man is tired of being lied to so he did what his lover is doing to get even.

The line even says that the man never trusted her. There wasn’t any anguish or pain in the song. It has more vengance and the feeling of getting back on someone who hurt you that is heard all throughout this classic hit.

Listen to this Classic Ernest Tubb song here:


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