December 14

Dolly Parton Salutes Women Songwriters at the 2020 Billboard Women in Music Event

Honored for her prowess in terms of songwriting on Billboard 2020 Women in Music event just this December 10, Dolly Parton did something that most awardees wouldn’t. She used her spotlight to give a shout-out to other women aspiring to be just like her.

Cheering Women’s Independence

During the virtual event, Dolly Parton expressed how she’s been so proud of all the women who strive to survive in the show business. In her statement, Parton mentioned the names of famous female songwriters like Loretta Lynn and Brandi Carlile, but her message extends to those trying backstage dreaming to be one day be recognized. Of course, she couldn’t mention them all, but there is one thing that Dolly Parton is certain. There are just so many things in our everyday lives that need proper inspiration and willpower to write good songs to.

Continuing her speech, Parton also said that women must learn to take care of their own business. Of course, she didn’t mean that women should always seek independence from all things. It’s just her way of saying that when things are reachable, then do the extra mile to achieve it. In an even friendlier manner, it’s her way of saying, ‘You go, girls! We can do it!’.

The Lady Boss

Miley Cyrus was the one who presented the hitmaker award to Dolly Parton. She described Parton as a “very precious fairy godmother, to everyone around her.” Cyrus also saluted Parton’s contributions to the music industry being one of the most influential, award-winning, and most incredible artists there is.

Parton performed her hit song ‘9 to 5‘ as part of her acceptance speech, while the host mentions her other contributions outside country music. She donated $1 Million to COVID-19 research that helped fund one of the most potent vaccines the world anticipates today.

The host also commended Dolly Parton as she is totally in control of her fate. Since day one, she knew her value and did not compromise in anything she did. Parton’s actions and beliefs literally and figuratively saved lives, and because of it, she is the ultimate Lady Boss.


Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus

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