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February 1, 2019


February 1, 2019


February 1, 2019

It is fun to watch someone impersonating an artist, and what’s more entertaining is when they do it very well that all you have to do is just to watch them in awe!

Such is the case of this driver who did not just deliver packages but entertained his fellow drivers one particular morning.

Channeling His Inner Elvis

One fine morning on January 14, 2014, this delivery truck driver gave his fellow drivers an amazing show. While they were all having their break, he suddenly cleared his throat and showed off his breathtaking talent. Taking on an Elvis Presley classic hit, he channeled his inner “King of Rock & Roll.” It turns out that he sounds like “The King” himself. He rendered Elvis Presley’s “Kiss Me Quick” with such vigor and it was incredible. Indeed, it is one of the best renditions that we have ever heard to date.

Sitting in the front seat of the truck, he turned on the background music and began serenading his fellow drivers. He stunned with his impressive Elvis impersonation and it was on point. Moreover, his deep, twangy vocals are so great that they sounded like that of Elvis’.

In addition, the driver did not just stun everyone with his voice but he also busted out some sleek dance moves. Snapping his fingers to the beat, he shimmied back and forth. Adding to that, a smile painted on his face all throughout the performance. He was very lively as he continued to swoon an impromptu performance. As the song ended, he threw up his fingers toward his co-workers and gave them one big smirk to which he received a round of applause. It was indeed one amazing performance.

While there will never be another Elvis Presley, this guy should be commended for his noteworthy performance!

Check out his performance here and tell us what you think:


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