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10 Best David Allan Coe Songs

Famous David Allan Coe songs mirror the singer’s colorful life. His tracks are a witness to his hardcore past, tell-tales of his raw and bawdy singing. Many fans love his music for being honest.

As he played by his own rules, this country singer didn’t crush many charts during his career. However, his unique voice and narrative make some of his songs stand out. Here are some of the best David Allan Coe tracks worth looking back:

10. “Don’t Cry Darlin'”

From Darlin Darlin

As soon as you separate David Allan Coe from his bravado image, you’ll find a notably convincing vocalist. His “Don’t Cry Darlin'” proves that he has the talent worth the listen, and this 1985 single with the legendary George Jones make him deserve more respect.

9. “Willie, Waylon, and Me”

From Rides Again

David Allan Coe doesn’t try to hide his colorful and checkered past. Sometimes, his past can reflect his present and this makes him run a mysterious reputation. As a man of his own music, this country singer almost confessed his life with this song. With his honestly, “Willie, Waylon, and Me” made it to the Top 30 in 1976. 

8. “Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat”

From Rough Rider

In 1982, David Allan Coe took the spotlight with his newsworthy performance. A rising star during the release, this country singer showed the right emotions of a man if he pursues the wrong person. He was built for this single and the way he carried the whole act makes this song an underrated success. It’s a classic begging to cheat its way to the top of the charts.

7. “Tennessee Whiskey”

From For the Record: The First 10 Years

With his rough vocal approach, “Tennessee Whiskey” fit David Allan Coe perfectly. He was the original artist that recorded this track long before Chris Stapleton and George Jones made a mark with it. This country song only made it to No.77 on the country charts. However, loyal Coe fans still feel the impact of this masterpiece to this day. It’s a Dillion/Linda Hargrove classic that’s worth playing back again and again.

6. “A Country Boy (Who Rolled The Rock Away)”

From Son of the South

David Allan Coe paid tribute to every artist who traveled their unique paths with this 1986 single. It belongs to his Son of the South album, and it was one of his last chart hits. Before this singer/songwriter faded from the spotlight, this album became one of his finer albums.

5. “She Used To Love Me A Lot”

From Darlin Darlin

This raw and edgy country singer released his 1985 single that commemorates the regret of a man. This tune is also from one of his later albums, Darlin Darlin. It’s a chilling ballad that sings about the narrator’s lamentations about walking away from the person who was once a devoted lover. It belongs to Dennis Morgan/Kyle Fleming’s catalog and is one of his regret-filled songs. 

4. “Long Haired Redneck”

From Long Haired Redneck

Coe is an unapologetic country singer and he proudly owns who he is. He proved so when he penned “Long Haired Redneck.” It belongs to one of his early hits that mentioned the “outlaw” movement. The classic single also highlighted his prominent takeoffs of Country Music Hall of Fame members such as Merle Haggard, Ernest Tubb, and Bill Anderson.

3. “Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile”

From Just Divorced

Peaking at No.2 in 1984, David Allan Coe gained another hit through this heartfelt ballad. It’s a meaningful single with Johnny Cunningham’s lyrics, filled with allusions about a young blonde girl. Coe’s discography has this song as one of his most chilling releases to this day.

2. “The Ride”

From Castle in the Sand

Lots of singles have been released in commemoration of Hank Williams, Sr. However, one of the best was David Allan Coe’s 1983 top 10 hit. It’s a tell-tale ballad about a hitchhiker who met the ghost of Williams. This original song first appeared in his album Castles in the Sand. Later on, it was covered by Hank Williams, Jr. and Tim McGraw.

1. “You Never Even Called Me By My Name”

From Once Upon a Rhyme

The Ohio-born outlaw singer has this exemplary song as his most distinguished single. In the summer of 1975, this song made it to No.8 on Billboard‘s Hot Country Singles chart, making it a staple in bars that celebrate country classics. It’s a bold satirical song that name drops important people in the county industry in Nashville. The vivid narration called out people who Coe thinks aren’t able to recognize his contributions to the industry.

Coe made his way to country music straight from prisons and reform schools. With his unimaginable past comes out this successful performer. His outlaw years and commercial success secured him a spot in the country fan favorites.

Even though only a few David Allan Coe songs peaked on charts, his definitive take on music remains in the minds of his true supporters.

Did we forget any of your favorites? Let us know what you think about this list in the comment section.


David Allan Coe

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