February 7

A Song for Dad: “Walk A Little Straighter”

“Walk A Little Straighter, Daddy” by Billy Currington

When Dads are embarrassments.

Most kids would brag about their dads. She, however, could not. Rather than make-up stories about how good and responsible her dad was, she’d often remain silent. If it weren’t required, she’d skip telling her parents about school meetings and events. For sure, her mom would send her dad. That’s what she dreaded the most.

Unlike the drunkard father in “Walk A Little Straighter,” her dad would walk to their school stoned. If only they didn’t share the same surname, she would deny her dad in public.

On loving a derelict father

More than the humiliation he continuously brought to the family, it hurts that she could not hate him enough to not care. He’d made quite a reputation in their hometown. People knew and they gossip. Much as she despises her dad’s deeds, she gets hurt whenever somebody badmouths her dad. And she could not say much in his defense because what they say are true of her old man.

The old man’s still like he always was
But I love him anyway
If I’ve learned one thing from him
It’s my kids will never have to say
Walk a little straighter, Daddy.”

When loving is tiring

It’s tiring to love someone who does not give a damn about his family. But good Lord! Why is it more exhausting to hate? That’s what frustrates her the most. Growing up, she was often tempted to rebel and be a wayward child. Thankfully, those weren’t her cup of tea. Eventually, she found refuge in the love of the heavenly father. And that’s more than enough for her.

“Hate drains you mentally and emotionally. Love, however, expands your heart.

If you were encouraged by this story and would like to share your own, feel free to add them in the comment section. We might feature yours in the near future.


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