August 13

Just After 2 Years, Colbie Caillat Leaves ‘Gone West’

‘Gone West‘ debuted with their album “Canyon” on June 12 this year. Glistening harmonies and poignant storytelling, which was a result of the long time bond between friends, was heard all across the 13 tracks of the album. One of the best features that the group offered was the way they carried out the theme of heartbreak. If you’re familiar with “What Could Have Been,” you probably would say that you have not heard of any other song that has this much passion when it comes to heartbreaks.

Disbanding Too Soon?

Just several months after its debut album release, “Gone West” is signing off early. This was after the official statement of pop/country artist Colbie Caillat that she would be leaving the group, which would also mean the end for the band. The announcement came just months after Colbie Caillat and bandmate Justin Young broke-up after 10 years of dating. 

Caillat and Young were engaged since 2015. In 2018, they joined close friends Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy to form ‘Gone West’. Last April, the couple decided to cut off their ties and ended their 10-year relationship. In an Instagram post, Caillat wrote her piece promising everyone that she and Young would remain as best of friends just like how they started. The couple was still seen performing on April 16 for Billboard Live at Home Charity concert. Both were quarantined together in their Nashville home.

What’s Next for Colbie Caillat?

It’s still not clear for Caillat what will be her next plans for her career. Prior to joining “Gone West,” Caillat has already established her solo career earning two Grammy Awards for Album of the Year with “Fearless” and ‘Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals’ with Jason Mraz on the hit single “Lucky.” She has also achieved four million cumulative album sales and multi-platinum records to date. Whichever way Caillat would want to resume her career, going solo again is not a bad idea.

A Short-Lived Harmony

There was no sign in any of the band’s social accounts that “Gone West” would be disbanded this soon. Fortunately, they have given us their one and only album “Canyons.” It had everything we loved about country music and with all that much passion attached, how we wished for more albums like this! Sad that it was short-lived.

Let’s relive Gone West’s harmonious vocals with their top 30 country airplay single “What Could Have Been.”


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