May 16

Carrie Underwood Collaborates with Bear Rinehart For “Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus”

Country star Carrie Underwood has collaborated with well-known singers, and one of them is NEEDTOBREATHE lead singer Bear Rinehart. Underwood revealed that she was a fan of him and his band.

“Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus” Collaboration

The 38th birthday of Carrie Underwood was eventful as her rendition of “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus” was released on March 10. Her virtual concert My Savior: Live From The Ryman featured Rinehart too on-stage. He provided the background vocals. Fans love their collaboration as their voices blend soulfully together. More so, it’s a cover that everyone can listen to over and over again. That’s how beautiful it is.

A traditional American hymn, “Nothing But The Blood of Jesus,” is about Jesus’ blood atonement and appeases our sins by His death. In 1876, Robert Lowry composed the hymn, a Baptist minister, and a professor at Bucknell University.

Carrie Underwood’s Blessings

2021 album My Savior was created by the country superstar as part of her legacy. She wanted everyone to know how deeply rooted her faith is. It turned out, everyone loves it, even the critics who may not give it the perfect score, but it is high for a gospel album.

Furthermore, Underwood sees making both her Christmas and Gospel album in trying times like the Covid-19 pandemic is already a blessing. And she wants to share it with all her fans and listeners. Carrie Underwood songs are more often than not inspirational, which is near and dear to the singer’s heart. That’s why she enjoyed making the albums.

The original plan for the album is to stick to the original melody and arrangement. However, upon doing some demo, they realized how many songs sound the same as they were written decades ago. Well, it’s a good thing they tinkered with it as it turned out beautiful.

You can watch the performance of Carrie Underwood and Bear Rinehart’s “Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus” here.


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