November 16

The Statler Brothers’ “Flowers on the Wall” Covered by Brenda Lee

“Flowers on the Wall” by The Statler Brothers

The Statler Brothers “Flowers on the Wall” was their most successful and signature song. Even though they have scored other singles on top of the chart, people remember this song to be their best one. “Flowers on the Wall” was their first recording to enter the Billboard Country chart. The single reached number two, and it was also their highest charting song to cross over the pop chart. Statler Brothers won their very first Grammy Award with this single. They brought home in 1965 the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Performance of a Group. Moreover, it was nominated for Best Country and Western Single.

The single which became part of their same-titled album was written by one of the past members of the group, Lew DeWitt. The song became popular, and artists wanted to make a version of their own.

Cover Versions

Some artists who covered the Statler Brothers’ song were Eric Heatherly, Nancy Sinatra, Brenda Lee, Pat Boone, and many more. Of all the artists who recreated the Statler Brothers song, it was only Heatherly who made it enter the Top 10 of the Billboard Country chart. Moreover, just like the Statler Brothers, Heatherly also managed to make his recording secure a spot on the Hot 100 chart.

Brenda Lee’s Rendition

Flowers on the Wall Brenda Lee The Statler Brothers
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Brenda Lee, one of the artists who made her version, released the single in 1966. Lee covered the song for her album Bye Bye Blues. However, only one single from her album entered the Billboard chart, “Rusty Bells.” Meanwhile, her album entered the chart in and outside of the US.  Brenda did not stray away from the original melody and style of music when she recorded “Flowers on the Wall.”

What do you think of Brenda Lee’s version? Do you think it sounds better than the Statler Brothers’ or they both sound great?


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