October 22

Bobby Bare’s “Marie Laveau,” his only Number One Single and its Story


Overall, Bobby Bare has sixty-eight entries on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. He has thirteen that songs that penetrated the Top 10. Despite the large number, he only has one track to peak at the number one spot. The song is called “Marie Laveau” which peaked at number one spot on July 20, 1974. It has been forty-four years ago since then. Nevertheless, the song will remind us of Bobby Bare’s great music in the 70s.

“Marie Laveau” is about a fictitious witch who lived in Louisiana bayou swamp. She could make men disappear with a horrific screech. On the other hand, the name of the song is the same with the famous New Orleans voodoo priestess.

Moreover, on the night of New Moon, the handsome Jack arrives and offers her a deal. If she could conjure $1,000,000 for him, he will marry her. After he received the money, handsome Jack backs out of the deal saying “Marie Laveau” was too ugly to marry a rich and handsome guy. As revenge, she screeches, and Jack disappeared.

Marie Laveau

Shel Silverstein and Baxter Taylor pooled resources for the words and lyrics of “Marie Laveau.” Bobby Bare recorded and released the single on April 1974 under his album “Bobby Bare Sings Lullabys, Legends, and Lies.”

As mentioned above, it is the only single of Bobby Bare to peak at number one spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It peaked on the position on July 20, 1974. It spent at number one for a week and eighteen weeks on the said chart.

Indeed, “Marie Laveau” is one of the songs with great story patched with great tunes and melodies. Also, it is one of the best songs to remember how great country music in the past is.

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bobby bare, Marie Laveau

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