January 20

Blake Shelton’s ‘Footloose’ Made Texas Roadhouse Staff Footloose

In 2015, one popular restaurant became even more well-known as a result of a viral video. To Blake Shelton’s cover of “Footloose,” their crew choreographed a complex line dance entry, and since the music is groovy and smooth to dance to, with each of the steps meticulously performed by the staff, they can be seen having fun as each beat hits. Since the music is so energetic and catchy, there is no doubt anyone would want to dance to it.

There have been many restaurants popping out everywhere. However, this one is distinctive enough to pique anyone’s curiosity. Texas Roadhouse is well-known for its talented staff, in addition to its mouthwatering food and outstanding service.

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Have you ever gone to a restaurant where the staff is dancing to entertain the customers and make the dining experience more enjoyable? Not too frequently, probably. Because of this, visiting Texas Roadhouse has been high on many people’s wish lists.

But we shouldn’t overlook the fact that Blake Shelton‘s cover of the song “Footloose” was what really made the dance number come together musically and artistically. Kenny Loggins, a rock musician, originally performed the song in 1984. And the song didn’t just peak at no. 1 on one music chart, but it peaked at five. 

That’s why there is no surprise why people, even in the 21st century, are aware of the song since it’s very iconic in the first place—and considering Blake Shelton, one of the most famous country music artists of today, covered the song just gave ‘Footloose’ a little bit of push to be seen by new fresh listeners. 

So if you want to check out the amazing dance entry of Texas Roadhouse staff to Blake Shelton’s cover of ‘Footloose,’ you can check out their amazing recorded performance down below. 


Blake Shelton

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